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EVX HDMI packaging

The EVX series HDMI cables combine optimal manufacturing techniques with premium materials and engineering know how to produce stunning results. The award winning series is designed for the true enthusiast, achieving the maximum ‘High Speed with Ethernet’ rating over all lengths using a totally passive design, without electronic compensation.

Construction is based on optimized flat-cable geometry with large gauge solid OFC (Oxygen free copper) conductors, 7% silver plating on the critical TMDS channels and our precision ultrasonic auto soldering. The connector is also precision engineered, offering full alloy shielding and tight tolerances for a secure fit.

Available in seven lengths from 0.5m - 10m, the EVX series maintains ‘High Speed with Ethernet’ compliance throughout, supporting all the latest formats such as Ultra HD/4K video and 3D.
Lastly every single EVX cable is tested post-production at real world B.E.R (Bit Error Rate) your assurance of dependable quality.



Length AWG Model Performance
0.5m 26 EVX-HD0050 High Speed with Ethernet
1.0m 26 EVX-HD0100 High Speed with Ethernet
2.0m 26 EVX-HD0200 High Speed with Ethernet
3.0m 26 EVX-HD0300 High Speed with Ethernet
5.0m 26 EVX-HD0500 High Speed with Ethernet
7.5m 24 EVX-HD0750 High Speed with Ethernet
10.0m 24 EVX-HD1000 High Speed with Ethernet

General Purpose HDMI cable 

Silver Plated HDMI cable 

12% Silver Plated HDMI cable 

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