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Lux - n. A unit of luminosity (light level) over a given area, with the reference being the illumination level of a full moon on a clear night at tropical latitudes (1 Lux). In video reproduction, the benchmark for performance can be likened to the night sky; deep black with the stars providing brilliant contrast, broad colour gamut and fine detail.

The Kordz LUX™ Ultimate HDMI® cable employs the best engineering, materials and production processes to create an interconnect that honours its namesake for benchmark performance - purist video, rich blacks and stunning HD Audio.

Pure silver is the best metal conductor, so the LUX silver content surrounding the oxygen free, solid copper core TMDS channels is a generous to 12%. This ultimately benefits high dynamic range uncompressed digital audio formats such as Dolby Digital True HD, DTS Master Audio and PCM. Sonic purity is further enhanced by the use of palladium plating on LUX connectors, which does not tarnish over time. This means a LUX cable will sound as good in 10 years as it does the day it was first installed. LUX even employs pure copper pins within the connector to further maintain signal transfer quality.

Completely passive to ensure the signal is kept as pure as possible, all LUX cables use thick 24-gauge wire and are a flat profile design. Flat profile minimises skew in the crucial TMDS channels. The LUX HDMI® cable is designed especially to pair with premium audio visual devices, system design and calibration for the ultimate home cinema experience.

We recommend LUX for use only with ultra-high-end audio video equipment.



Length AWG Model Performance
0.5m 24 LUX-HD0050 High Speed with Ethernet
1.0m 24 LUX-HD0100 High Speed with Ethernet
1.5m 24 LUX-HD0150 High Speed with Ethernet
2.0m 24 LUX-HD0200 High Speed with Ethernet
3.0m 24 LUX-HD0300 High Speed with Ethernet
5.0m 24 LUX-HD0500 High Speed with Ethernet
7.5m 24 LUX-HD0750 High Speed with Ethernet
10.0m 24 LUX-HD1000 High Speed with Ethernet

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