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PRO TOSlink cable

PRO Single AV Interconnects

A multi-purpose audio/video interconnect, the PRO-1AV series can be used for:

They feature dense foil and braid shielding to resist wide band environmental interference and 24AWG pure oxygen free copper conductors to minimize loss and permit long length applications.

The newly developed RCA connectors are among the shortest in the industry. Providing excellent pull strength, the split pin and collar gold-plated RCA's also maintain a robust signal path and longevity. Furthermore all PRO series lengths are supplied in PE bags for economy and ease of transportation. Suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.



Length Model
0.5m PRO-1AV0050
1.5m PRO-1AV0150
2.0m PRO-1AV0200
3.0m PRO-1AV0300
5.0m PRO-1AV0500