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Kordz was founded in Australia in 2003 to address the specific needs of the custom & commercial AV installation community by delivering dependable high definition connectivity solutions. In the years since, Kordz has evolved into a well-respected, multi-award winning brand, specializing particularly in reliable long reach HDMI since becoming an HDMI Adopter member in 2005. Kordz is committed to a high standard of practical and graceful design, partnered with quality manufacturing and supporting education, all of which are key to the installers’ successful product integration.

Kordz utilizes research and development facilities in Australia, Canada and Taiwan to engineer robust connectivity solutions to maximise commercial installation efficiency and deployment up-time with strict adherence to international standards. This dedication and consistency has incubated many like-minded affiliations over time, which in turn have further contributed to our knowledge base, development profile and ability to deliver. These include Quantum Data, HDMI test instrument manufacturer, HDMI Licensing and Authorised Test Centers (ATCs), leading video consultant Mr Joseph Kane of JKP, and high speed digital signaling experts phaseHD, Inc in Canada, amongst others. We know HDMI.


Director James Chen is a dual US-Australian citizen currently residing in Hong Kong. He is a 20+ year veteran of the AV industry, having worked at all levels from retail to custom installation, and from manufacturing to large scale commercial distribution. James is a CEDIA Certified Instructor, having officially presented HDMI focused courseware to multi-lingual audiences in Beijing and Shanghai China, in Tokyo Japan, in Hong Kong, the Middle East, and in Australia and New Zealand. He is a member of CEDIA’s international business development team, and full member of CEDIA’s Technology Council.


2003 Kordz founded in Mornington, Australia
Introduces Vector & Quantum premium custom long length interconnect components
First HDMI Compliance Test Specification (CTS) released
2004 Kordz expands into infrared repeaters & custom installation AV distribution systems
HDMI 1.1 released, some products start to come to market
2005 Kordz introduces Black-series HDMI cable, gaining early reputation for long length HDMI specialty
Kordz becomes HDMI Adopter
Introduced R&D program into HDMI interoperability and 1080p/60 support
HDMI 1.2/a specification released
2006 Launch Gen-2 HDMI cables with Krystal & Diamond to 25m lengths, all with 1080p/60 & CEC
Launch HDS series HDMI switchers
HDMI 1.3 specification released
2007 Launch Gen-3 HDMI cables with new Evolution series
R&D into passive filtering technologies to improve signal integrity, lead to development of Master series flagship HDMI
2008 Participated in inaugural HDMI Techzone at International CES, Las Vegas Nevada, USA. One of only twelve invited Adopters globally
Launch Master series HDMI as addendum to Gen-3 platform
Launch HDA series HDMI splitters
Initiated affiliation with Valens Semiconductor during development period of HDBaseT technology
Launch all-new Gen-4 flat profile HDMI cable series, introducing the die-cast connector and low-jitter induction soldering
Kordz Founder D.Meyer became CEDIA Certified Instructor, authored and presented inaugural ‘HDMI Update’ course
2009 HDMI 1.3 specification released
Kordz USA, Inc established under the Directorship of Michael Schaller, former Director of Compliance for HDMI Licensing, LLC
Kordz becomes first HDMI cable brand in the world to use optional ‘High Speed’ label (isolated)
D.Meyer joins CEDIA Asia Pacific Board of Directors as Chair of PR & Marketing (1 year tenure)
2010 HDMI 1.4/a specification released, encompassing 3D & 4K video
HDBaseT Alliance formed, Kordz becomes launch member/Adopter
HDMI new Trademark & Logo Guidelines released
Kordz appointed as international Quantum Data partner and reseller
Kordz contributes to CEDIA HDMI Best Practices white paper series for international industry publication
HDMI mandates ‘Standard’ & ‘High Speed’ cable labeling with regulatory marks, product version reference outlawed
D.Meyer recognised as HDMI Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Kordz Logistics (HK) Co. Ltd established as international sales & logistics office
2011 Kordz releases PLX-HDB.4 HDBaseT transport for HDMI, 100-BaseT Ethernet, IR & RS232
Launch R&D project with phaseHD, Inc of Canada for world-first double ended active HDMI solution for 4K
HDMI 1.4b specification released
HDMI Founders create sister company HDMI Forum, Inc for broader market development of future HDMI
2012 Director J.Chen joins CEDIA Technology Council
D.Meyer joins Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) ‘4K Working Group’ which decides on ‘Ultra HD’ nomenclature
Kordz launches PLX-HDB.1 compact HDMI extender over HDBaseT with pilot large scale commercial deployment in Australia
J.Chen relocates from Australia to Hong Kong to facilitate international sales demand from the centre of global logistics
D.Meyer authors ‘4K Compatibility & HDMI System Design’ 2hr course, debuts to THX Engineering team in San Rafael, California
2013 Kordz participates in HDMI Techzone at International CES, Las Vegas Nevada, USA. Unveiled phaseHD, Inc patented technology
NEO-S3 Launched
Kordz wins Best New Product award for NEO-S3 at CEDIA Expo in Denver, CO USA
Launch new HSP-series UHD compatible HDMI splitter with EDID control
D.Meyer joins CEDIA International Technical Working Group
Kordz signs HDMI 2.0 Addendum to become HDMI 2.0 Adopter, first outside of HDMI Forum group
D.Meyer co-authors CEDIA “4K Industry White Paper” with industry leadership, published on international extranet
‘4K Compatibility & HDMI System Design’ updated for HDMI 2.0, presents to capacity assembly at CEDIA Expo, Denver
2014 Kordz collaborates with HD Connectivity in the UK, joins them at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), Amsterdam in February
‘UHD Compatibility & HDMI System Design’ upgraded to 3hr format for debut at ISE Amsterdam,
Gen-5 HDMI cable launched - EVO-R & EVS-R
Kordz announces R.3 Rack Install HDMI cables due in Q4
D.Meyer rejoins CEDIA Asia Pacific Board of Directors
J.Chen joins CEDIA International Development team
2016 Founding Director D.Meyer departs Kordz to focus on a CEDIA International educational role.
Kordz releases second generation HDBaseT-certified PLX-HDB.2 extender.

HDMI Adopter since 2005
2.0 Addendum signatory 2013

Member since 2010