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Short-length PRS Fixed Installation HDMI® Cable Series

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PRS HDMI connectors

Kordz PRS features a narrow profile full metal die-cast shell assembly behind a unique grip tab HDMI connector for 3kg receptacle retention capacity. Engineered to mitigate connector dropout potential - not suitable for repeated plug/unplug events.

PRS is also available as an active, directional cable with lengths 7.5 - 15.0m.

Technical Specifications

HDMI Compliance



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Physical Dimensions

PRS dimensions

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† Proprietary grip tabs are NOT suitable for repetitive plug/unplug events, as tabs will fatigue - for permanent installs only.

Application Specifications

* HDMI 2.0 2160p modes encapsulate both 4,096 or 3,840 Hres variants & 4:3 anamorphic pixel ratio support

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Length Model AWG Technology Various logos
High Speed logo 0.5m | 1'7" PRS-HD0050 28 Passive
1.0m | 3'3" PRS-HD0100 28 Passive
1.5m | 4'11" PRS-HD0150 28 Passive
2.0m | 6'6" PRS-HD0200 28 Passive
3.0m | 9'10" PRS-HD0300 28 Passive
5.0m | 16'5" PRS-HD0500 28 Passive
Standard logo 7.5m | 24'7" PRS-HD0750 28 Spectra7 Active, Directional
10.0m | 32'9" PRS-HD1000 28 Spectra7 Active, Directional
12.5m | 41'0" PRS-HD1250 28 Spectra7 Active, Directional
15.0m | 49'2" PRS-HD1500 28 Spectra7 Active, Directional
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