10 Reasons Why SlimCat Will Be Your New Best Friend

July 27, 2023 10 Reasons Why SlimCat Will Be Your New Best Friend

You may have already heard about SlimCat, but if not, chances are by the end of this article, you’ll be quietly excited. SlimCat is Kordz’ revolutionary and multi-award-winning new networking system that will quickly become an integrator’s BFF.

That’s a big claim, we know. So what makes this system such a game-changer for your integration business? Here are the top ten reasons.

1. Reaches places other cables can’t

The first thing that sets SlimCat apart from the rest is its cables, which are half the size of regular 23AWG/24AWG cables. The incredibly slim PRO Series Cat6 cable at 4mm diameter and PRS Series Cat6A cable at 5mm diameter allow you to save space and reach places regular cables can’t while still delivering all the power of standard Cat6 and Cat6A. This feat is the result of two years of meticulous R&D from the Kordz engineering team.

This slender profile makes Kordz SlimCat cables an absolute game-changer in installations where space is at a premium. Whether it’s within confined in-wall conduits or tight cable trays, SlimCat elegantly weaves its way through, ensuring you a faster, hassle-free install without compromising on performance.

Moreover, the reduced diameter offers a significant advantage when it comes to maximising existing locations. With Kordz SlimCat, you can now accommodate more cables in the same space, giving you increased flexibility and room to grow. You might wonder if such a slim cable can keep up with the demanding requirements of high-speed data transmission. Rest assured, SlimCat cables are designed to deliver nothing short of excellence. Despite the skinny appearance, SlimCat maintains top-grade performance, ensuring a seamless flow of data, allowing you to stay connected at 1gbps network speeds for Cat6 and 10Gbps for Cat6A.

2. So flexible, you can clock off early

Another brilliant feature that sets SlimCat cables apart from their traditional, clunky counterparts is the outstanding flexibility. Say goodbye to wrestling with bulky cables during your installations. This cable effortlessly bends and twists, making the whole process a breeze, especially in those frustrating tight spaces.

Gone are the days of tired hands and sore fingers from endless untwisting of the cable pairs. With SlimCat, you’ll find the cable much easier to work, thanks to its supple nature and small gauge wires. Your hands will thank you.

Moreover, the flexibility of this cable serves more than just convenience; it’s a lifesaver for connectors and cable management. By reducing stress on connectors, it enhances their longevity and performance. And let’s not forget the joy of better cable management; a tidy install is a true delight.

SlimCat’s flexibility opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can now venture into installing devices in previously uncharted territories; those tight cable spaces that were once a no-go zone are now your ticket to getting home early on Friday afternoon.

3. Plays nicely with the latest PoE tech

In today’s tech-driven world, Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology has taken the industry by storm. This modern innovation enables devices to receive both power and data through a single cable, simplifying installations and reducing equipment clutter. So you’ll be pleased to know that SlimCat wholeheartedly supports this technology, making it a perfect choice for various PoE applications.

Whether you’re dealing with IP cameras, wireless access points, or any other PoE-enabled devices, rest assured, SlimCat cables have you covered. Their full compatibility with PoE applications ensure seamless power and data transmission, so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience connecting and powering the gadgets.

What’s more, this cable supports full 100W PoE++ applications, which means you can have total confidence powering up high-performance devices.

4. Saves your installation business money

When it comes to saving your hard-earned cash, SlimCat proves a winner. Firstly, it speeds up installations. With easier-to-install cable, you’ll find projects come together with swift and effortless finesse. This means less time spent wrangling cables and more time making the bits with flashing lights work.

Another little perk is that SlimCat cable only requires you to drill small holes. Small holes take less time and effort.

Even still, the advantage that has a lot of business-savvy integrators excited is the way SlimCat’s design reduces the need for additional ancillaries and infrastructure. You’ll need less cable trays and trucking for networking projects. That means SlimCat puts more profit in your pocket.

5. Crimp connectors you just click with

First and foremost, SlimCat’s unique crimp connectors have a composite construction that boasts a robust ‘snap-proof’ latch, ensuring a secure and reliable connection every time. No more flimsy latches snapping off and causing you grief.

For peace of mind, you have the option to incorporate a strain relief boot with a clever locking pin. This useful addition prevents accidental disconnections and gives you the confidence that your connections will stay put, despite meddling clients!

They allow you to use any crimping tool; simply pick your favourite and get the job done.

SlimCat’s crimp connectors are also built to handle higher power applications with a non-push-through design. Fast and straightforward to assemble, they save you valuable time during installations. And with gold-plated terminals, they ensure longevity and reliable performance, even after countless connections.

Safety is always paramount, and so these connectors are fire-rated, offering an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. And lastly, the power handling capabilities of these connectors match the rest of the system, exceeding 100W.

6. Perfect keystones for a perfect connection

SlimCat’s keystones are engineered to meet the most exacting standards and deliver exceptional performance. One of their stand-out features is the precision 28AWG IDC termination, ensuring a secure and reliable connection that withstands the rigours of professional installation.

Not only do these keystones excel, but also, they are designed to seamlessly match the existing range of Kordz keystones, so when you mix and match Kordz networking products you’ll achieve a sleek level of uniformity.   

Assembly is also a breeze with these keystones. Their user-friendly design allows for fast and efficient assembly, saving you precious time and effort. Built with gold-plated terminals, they ensure a durable and reliable connection for years to come. These keystones are also fire-rated, once again offering an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. Finally, the power handling capabilities of these keystones matches the rest of the SlimCat system by exceeding 100W of power handling.

7. Designed to exceed industry performance standards

With SlimCat cables, you can always expect a smooth and reliable data transmission experience. The cables boast precision construction that leaves no room for compromise on performance. They are designed to handle IEEE802.3bt PoE++ at 100W and support 1Gbps or 10Gbps network connectivity for Cat6 and Cat6A respectively up to a distance 50 metres. This exacting engineering guarantees you can trust SlimCat to perform, even after years of use.

These cables feature a unique, tighter twist rate, which improves the cables’ ability to reject unwanted noise. They are also made with superior grade materials that not only make installation easier but also support resilience against aging and degradation. This means SlimCat is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

8. Cabling designed for installers by installers

As we like to say at Kordz, it takes one to know one. And so SlimCat is not only designed to tackle the big issues of network cabling, but also the small details that simply make your life easier.

Firstly, its cables come with easy-to-read length markings printed right on the jacket. Secondly, they are available in three distinct colours that allow you to easily differentiate between connections and services on installations. As the Aussies like to say, “too easy”.

Flexible, high-performing and built to last, this system is the brainchild of a team that’s been on the tools and knows your challenges, frustrations and desires for product perfection. Say hello to on-site terminations that are a joy with Kordz SlimCat; a smooth and hassle-free experience, thanks to the thoughtful design and the many user-friendly features.

9. Sustainable performance for the modern world

Kordz’ core philosophy around environmental sustainability is to create products that stand the test of time and do not end up prematurely in landfill, and SlimCat is no exception. Kordz SlimCat takes this one step further by using less materials, which means it also weighs less to freight. This offers Kordz SlimCat a unique sustainability advantage over regular Cat 6 and Cat6A cable that also provides better value for money.

Smart engineering allows us all to achieve more with less and exemplifies a more sustainable and effective way forward for professional cabling. It’s a win-win.

10. If only every cable was built like Kordz

At the heart of the SlimCat network cabling systems lie Kordz’ passion for practical innovation and meticulous attention to detail. Crafted with high-grade materials and infused with superior craftsmanship, these cables are a true testament to excellence.

Thanks to this unwavering commitment to quality, SlimCat cables deliver unrivalled durability and reliable performance in a wide range of networking applications. These cables are built to withstand the test of time, making them a reliable choice for all your networking needs.

Safety is paramount, and that’s why SlimCat cables meet global fire regulations for both the cables and connectors. This provides you with the peace of mind your cabling adheres to strict safety standards.

With 20 years of manufacturing behind these cables, you know you’re in the hands of experts who possess a high level of engineering prowess in digital transmission cabling. And because of that, you can relax with the knowledge your SlimCat cables come with a lifetime warranty.

Good things really do come in small packages

Now you know why the SlimCat network cabling system is making award-winning waves for its exceptional capabilities in the world of networking and data transmission. Please be sure to get acquainted, and we think you’ll become the best of installation buddies in no time.

And of course, if you need ready-made network cables that deliver the same levels of excellence, please check out the SlimCat PRO and PRS patch cord range, we’re confident you’ll love them too.

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