PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable

Already the recipient of two prestigious awards—CE Pro’s Top New Technology Award and Sound & Video Contractor’s Best of Show—the new Kordz PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System features a bulk-reducing, 4mm diameter cable that’s highly flexible and robust. That means Kordz PRO SlimCat™ installs easier, especially in high density and retrofit applications. Despite being dramatically thinner than other Cat6 cables, Kordz PRO SlimCat delivers all the power, performance and reliability you’d expect from a Cat6 system. It’s fully compatible with IEEE802.3bt PoE++ at 100W and supports 1Gbps network connectivity up to 50 metres, making it a networking solution that lasts a lifetime. SlimCat goes where other cables can’t.

PRO SlimCat™ RJ45 Crimp Connector with Strain Relief

Designed as part of the multi-award-winning Kordz PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System. Featuring an innovative composite construction, incorporating a transparent body for termination ease and a durable snap-proof nylon latch, the PRO SlimCat Crimp Connector ensures secure, reliable cabling terminations in any situation. Match it with other Kordz PRO SlimCat components for a complete PoE++ compliant Cat 6 networking solution. Strain Relief features a removable locking pin to help prevent accidental disconnects when terminating SlimCat cables. The handy Kordz One Series Crimping Tool assists with termination.

PRO SlimCat™ Keystone RJ45 Socket

Winning highly competitive awards from both CE Pro and Sound & Video Contractor News, the PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System includes a Keystone RJ45 Socket. An ABS clamshell design and metal latching mechanism that fits standard keystone panel cutout to facilitate faster, easier cabling termination. Factory tested to support PoE++ and 100W and advanced Cat6 permanent link performance up to 50 metres, it complements other Kordz PRO SlimCat components to deliver reliable, high- performance connectivity.

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