Take Your Termination Game to the Next Level

Since its debut at ISE 2023, the Kordz Termination Challenge has become a favourite exhibit for many integrators attending trade shows around the world. The fun, race-against-the-clock format allows integrators to test their cable termination skills while competing with their colleagues and peers for prizes and, of course, bragging rights!

The Kordz Termination Challenge is a friendly competition that’s open to all levels. Newcomers can receive a tutorial about how to terminate cable properly from Kordz’ cabling experts, while veterans can sharpen their skills. Watch this video where we show you how it’s done.

At Kordz, we believe the best way to help you understand the difference that next-generation, professional grade connectivity solutions make in your installations is by allowing you to experience them first-hand. We know that the faster and more effectively you can deploy cable, the easier and more profitable your networking projects will be. So be sure to come by and make the most of this free activity.

Take the Challenge at a Tradeshow Near You

  • April 18, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, London (UK)
  • May 2-4, Smart Home Expo with Miantic, Mumbai (India)
  • May 14, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, Atlanta (USA)
  • May 22, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, Edinburgh (UK)
  • June 26, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, Vancouver (Canada)
  • August 21-23, Integrate Sydney (Australia)
  • September 5-7, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, Denver (USA)
  • September 25, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, Toronto (Canada)
  • October 8, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, Fort Lauderdale (USA)
  • October 10, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, Tampa (USA)
  • October 22-24, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, Newcastle (Australia)
  • November 12, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, New Jersey (USA)
  • November 14, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, New York (USA)
  • December 3, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, Dallas (USA)
  • December 5, CEDIA Tech & Business Summit, Houston (USA)

No registration is required. Visit the Kordz exhibit any time to participate for free.

The Time to Beat

The current Kordz Termination Challenge world record holder is Nathan Wood of Seven Sounds, Australia, with an incredible time of 35”05!

To be fair, Nathan is a bit of a unicorn when it comes to his termination speed. In 2023, the termination times of our participants ranged from Nathan’s record through to 6’15”81 with an average daily winner’s time of 55”56. So the important thing to remember is that most of all, this is about the good old fashioned Aussie value of giving it a go!

Congratulations to all of those who competed since we began in 2023.

Kordz Termination Challenge overall TOP 10 leaderboard:

  • 1. Nathan.W – Australia – 00:35:05
  • 2. John.M – Australia – 00:39:24
  • 3. Nick.H – USA – 00:44:98
  • 4. Javi – Europe – 00:46:50
  • 5. Fokrul.A – Europe – 00:46:97
  • 6. Chris.H – USA – 00:46:99
  • 7. Drew.B – Australia – 00:47:24
  • 8. Robert.L – Australia – 00:47:82
  • 9. Nick – UK – 00:48:06
  • 10. Gilbert.C – USA – 00:49:03

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