• Product outline

    The Kordz PRO Series CAT6 Network Patch Cord is engineered with a flexible, slim profile featuring stranded 28AWG copper for fast Gigabit Ethernet in professional AV installations. Featuring our custom RJ45 compact connector (Patent Pending) with a robust locking latch and a 2000 bend cycle guarantee. Each cable is individually tested to exceed all Category 6 ANSI/TIA 568.2-D standards for all frequencies from 1 to 250 MHz and is supported by the Kordz Lifetime Warranty.

    • Engineered and constructed to ensure installation success and longevity
    • Exceeds all Category 6 ANSI/TIA 568.2-D standards for all frequencies from 1 to 250 MHz
    • UTP 28AWG CAT6 slim-profile network patch cord, overall diameter of 3.9mmØ
    • UL (CM) fire rating
    • 568B wire connection configuration
    • New compact design connector with 2000 bend cycle lock tab (Patent Pending)
    • Available in 7 colours – black, blue, grey, green, yellow, red & white
    • Available in lengths from 0.15m to 30.0m lengths
    • Kordz’ product performance guarantee and warranty for your lifetime.
  • Technical info

    Category 6 Network Patch Cord Specification Standard

    Application Standards:
    Performance Standard:
    ≤ 10.0m – Category 6 Component Tested
    > 10.0m – Category 6 Channel Tested
    Wiring method: T568-B
    Certified Data Rate: 1 Gbps (Gigabit ethernet)
    Supported Data Rate: ≥ 1 Gbps (Gigabit ethernet)
    Certified Bandwidth: 1 to 250 MHz
    Supported Bandwidth: ≥ 250 MHz


    Cable Diameter: 28 AWG, 3.9mm/0.15ӯ
    Maximum Cable Pulling Tension: 80 kgf/cmÇ
    Cable to Plug Tensile Strength: TBC
    Cable Bend Radius: 11.7mm | 0.46in
    Recommended Total Mounting Depth: 27.7mm | 1.09in
    Mating Cycles (max.): 1000 cycles
    Temperature range: UL Temp rating – 75ºC



    Conductors: Solid 28 AWG Oxygen Free Stranded Copper
    Conductor Insulation: Polyolefin
    Shielding: Not Applicable
    Cable Jacket Material: UL CM-rated PVC
    Connector Material: Nylon
    Contact Type: 3-prong for solid/stranded conductors
    Strain Relief: Injection-moulded PVC


    Conductor Resistance: 223Ω/km
    Insulation Resistance: 10MΩ min @100V DC

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PRO Series CAT6 Patch Cord

Kordz PRO Series CAT6 Network Patch Cord is engineered with a slim profile, custom RJ45 compact connector (Patent Pending) with a robust locking latch for reliably fast Gigabit Ethernet and easier professional installations.

Colour options:

  • Length
  • Product Code
  • 0.15m, 0.49ft K23045-0015-PP
  • 0.25m, 0.82ft K23045-0025-PP
  • 0.50m, 1.64ft K23045-0050-PP
  • 0.75m, 2.46ft K23045-0075-PP
  • 1.00m, 3.28ft K23045-0100-PP
  • 1.50m, 4.92ft K23045-0150-PP
  • 2.00m, 6.56ft K23045-0200-PP
  • 2.50m, 8.20ft K23045-0250-PP
  • 3.00m, 9.84ft K23045-0300-PP
  • 4.00m, 13.1ft K23045-0400-PP
  • 5.00m, 16.4ft K23045-0500-PP
  • 7.50m, 24.6ft K23045-0750-PP
  • 10.0m, 32.8ft K23045-1000-PP
  • 15.0m, 49.2ft K23045-1500-PP
  • 20.0m, 65.6ft K23045-2000-PP
  • 30.0m, 98.4ft K23045-3000-PP
  • 0.15m, 0.49ft K23045-0015-BK
  • 0.25m, 0.82ft K23045-0025-BK
  • 0.50m, 1.64ft K23045-0050-BK
  • 0.75m, 2.46ft K23045-0075-BK
  • 1.00m, 3.28ft K23045-0100-BK
  • 1.50m, 4.92ft K23045-0150-BK
  • 2.00m, 6.56ft K23045-0200-BK
  • 2.50m, 8.20ft K23045-0250-BK
  • 3.00m, 9.84ft K23045-0300-BK
  • 4.00m, 13.1ft K23045-0400-BK
  • 5.00m, 16.4ft K23045-0500-BK
  • 10.0m, 32.8ft K23045-1000-BK
  • 15.0m, 49.2ft K23045-1500-BK
  • 20.0m, 65.6ft K23045-2000-BK
  • 30.0m, 98.4ft K23045-3000-BK
  • 7.50m, 24.6ft K23045-0750-BK
  • 0.15m, 0.49ft K23045-0015-BL
  • 0.25m, 0.82ft K23045-0025-BL
  • 0.50m, 1.64ft K23045-0050-BL
  • 0.75m, 2.46ft K23045-0075-BL
  • 1.00m, 3.28ft K23045-0100-BL
  • 1.50m, 4.92ft K23045-0150-BL
  • 2.00m, 6.56ft K23045-0200-BL
  • 2.50m, 8.20ft K23045-0250-BL
  • 3.00m, 9.84ft K23045-0300-BL
  • 4.00m, 13.1ft K23045-0400-BL
  • 10.0m, 32.8ft K23045-1000-BL
  • 15.0m, 49.2ft K23045-1500-BL
  • 20.0m, 65.6ft K23045-2000-BL
  • 30.0m, 98.4ft K23045-3000-BL
  • 5.00m, 16.4ft K23045-0500-BL
  • 7.50m, 24.6ft K23045-0750-BL
  • 0.15m, 0.49ft K23045-0015-GN
  • 0.25m, 0.82ft K23045-0025-GN
  • 0.50m, 1.64ft K23045-0050-GN
  • 0.75m, 2.46ft K23045-0075-GN
  • 1.00m, 3.28ft K23045-0100-GN
  • 1.50m, 4.92ft K23045-0150-GN
  • 2.00m, 6.56ft K23045-0200-GN
  • 2.50m, 8.20ft K23045-0250-GN
  • 3.00m, 9.84ft K23045-0300-GN
  • 10.0m, 32.8ft K23045-1000-GN
  • 15.0m, 49.2ft K23045-1500-GN
  • 20.0m, 65.6ft K23045-2000-GN
  • 30.0m, 98.4ft K23045-3000-GN
  • 4.00m, 13.1ft K23045-0400-GN
  • 5.00m, 16.4ft K23045-0500-GN
  • 7.50m, 24.6ft K23045-0750-GN
  • 0.15m, 0.49ft K23045-0015-GY
  • 0.25m, 0.82ft K23045-0025-GY
  • 0.50m, 1.64ft K23045-0050-GY
  • 0.75m, 2.46ft K23045-0075-GY
  • 1.00m, 3.28ft K23045-0100-GY
  • 1.50m, 4.92ft K23045-0150-GY
  • 10.0m, 32.8ft K23045-1000-GY
  • 15.0m, 49.2ft K23045-1500-GY
  • 2.00m, 6.56ft K23045-0200-GY
  • 2.50m, 8.20ft K23045-0250-GY
  • 20.0m, 65.6ft K23045-2000-GY
  • 3.00m, 9.84ft K23045-0300-GY
  • 30.0m, 98.4ft K23045-3000-GY
  • 4.00m, 13.1ft K23045-0400-GY
  • 5.00m, 16.4ft K23045-0500-GY
  • 7.50m, 24.6ft K23045-0750-GY
  • 0.15m, 0.49ft K23045-0015-RD
  • 0.25m, 0.82ft K23045-0025-RD
  • 0.50m, 1.64ft K23045-0050-RD
  • 0.75m, 2.46ft K23045-0075-RD
  • 1.00m, 3.28ft K23045-0100-RD
  • 1.50m, 4.92ft K23045-0150-RD
  • 2.00m, 6.56ft K23045-0200-RD
  • 2.50m, 8.20ft K23045-0250-RD
  • 10.0m, 32.8ft K23045-1000-RD
  • 15.0m, 49.2ft K23045-1500-RD
  • 20.0m, 65.6ft K23045-2000-RD
  • 3.00m, 9.84ft K23045-0300-RD
  • 30.0m, 98.4ft K23045-3000-RD
  • 4.00m, 13.1ft K23045-0400-RD
  • 5.00m, 16.4ft K23045-0500-RD
  • 7.50m, 24.6ft K23045-0750-RD
  • 0.15m, 0.49ft K23045-0015-WH
  • 0.25m, 0.82ft K23045-0025-WH
  • 0.50m, 1.64ft K23045-0050-WH
  • 0.75m, 2.46ft K23045-0075-WH
  • 1.00m, 3.28ft K23045-0100-WH
  • 1.50m, 4.92ft K23045-0150-WH
  • 10.0m, 32.8ft K23045-1000-WH
  • 15.0m, 49.2ft K23045-1500-WH
  • 2.00m, 6.56ft K23045-0200-WH
  • 2.50m, 8.20ft K23045-0250-WH
  • 20.0m, 65.6ft K23045-2000-WH
  • 3.00m, 9.84ft K23045-0300-WH
  • 30.0m, 98.4ft K23045-3000-WH
  • 4.00m, 13.1ft K23045-0400-WH
  • 5.00m, 16.4ft K23045-0500-WH
  • 7.50m, 24.6ft K23045-0750-WH
  • 0.15m, 0.49ft K23045-0015-YL
  • 0.25m, 0.82ft K23045-0025-YL
  • 0.50m, 1.64ft K23045-0050-YL
  • 0.75m, 2.46ft K23045-0075-YL
  • 1.00m, 3.28ft K23045-0100-YL
  • 1.50m, 4.92ft K23045-0150-YL
  • 10.0m, 32.8ft K23045-1000-YL
  • 15.0m, 49.2ft K23045-1500-YL
  • 2.00m, 6.56ft K23045-0200-YL
  • 2.50m, 8.20ft K23045-0250-YL
  • 20.0m, 65.6ft K23045-2000-YL
  • 3.00m, 9.84ft K23045-0300-YL
  • 30.0m, 98.4ft K23045-3000-YL
  • 4.00m, 13.1ft K23045-0400-YL
  • 5.00m, 16.4ft K23045-0500-YL
  • 7.50m, 24.6ft K23045-0750-YL

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