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Kordz is the professional grade connectivity brand for integrators, by integrators.

Let’s face it, there are way too many cable brands – many of which emphasise somewhat esoteric advantages: visual appeal, product selection, price, or somewhat unscientific or unmeasurable performance. As a professional, it can be difficult to find reliable and trustworthy connectivity brands that know what you need and do the legwork to make products you don’t have to overthink. Twenty years ago, this industry was missing a focus on professional grade quality and performance. So as experienced former integrators, we asked ourselves, what if we could make cabling products that work every time and with very specific scientific and measurable outcomes? And so Kordz was born. Kordz takes a unique approach to connectivity. When we create products, firstly, we spend a lot of time thinking about you – the problems you and your team run into on site, what slows you down, what eats into your profitability, what leads to failures, and call backs, and those unpleasant customer phone calls that leave you staring at the ceiling at 3am.

And then we design and engineer to simply make those problems disappear.  

Sometimes it takes us years and dozens of rounds of R&D until we’re satisfied we’ve nailed it for you. There are factors like certification—bandwidth capacity, fire resistance and compliance with the latest industry standards, to name a few. Materials make a difference too, so resilience, durability, flexibility, purity and pull tolerance, are all part of the equation.   

Next, Kordz products undergo comprehensive, detailed testing to meet a minimum measurable and guaranteed performance level. Every single product is quality tested on the manufacturing line so we can stand by our promise of ‘Connectivity Assured’ and so you and your projects aren’t the experiment. 

Then at Kordz, we insist on using advanced manufacturing techniques and high-grade machinery. We balance our machines to prevent vibration inconsistencies and ensure tooling accuracy and cycle rates. We employ infrared soldering to ensure low heat, equal and repeatable joins and specialised vacuums to remove excess solder. These things all really matter for delivering you consistent, high quality products.  

We continually evaluate packaging and how you use it, asking ourselves what integrators need and what it should be made of to lower waste and environmental impact but improve inventory management. 

In fact, reflecting on our journey to becoming recognised industry leaders, we came to realise that what we do has a name – we ‘Kordzify’ products – essentially creating the most long lasting, easy-to-install, high quality connectivity possible. 

Our mission is to provide you with robust, fast and effective connectivity products and market-leading education and support, so that you can push the boundaries of technology. 


And we take it seriously. 


From humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, Kordz is now a global brand sold in more than 40 countries, with a community of thousands of leading connectivity professionals and working in partnership with technology leaders such as CEDIA, HDMI, DPL Labs and HDBaseT. 


This is why Kordz’ multi-award-winning, innovative products ensure predictable reliability that’s trusted in mission critical applications where downtime isn’t an option – like government, healthcare, military and space – as well as epic home theatres, data networks and everything in between. 


It’s connectivity. But not as you know it. 

Join us in creating a more connected world that works. 



James Chen 

Managing Director, Kordz

Experiencing is believing.
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