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Explore our industry proven products with the power and flexibility to do whatever needs doing — wherever that may be. Designed for performance, engineered for results and constructed more robustly since 2003.

R.3 Series

Unrivalled Resilience for Critical Applications. Engineered to protect critical signals regardless of installation environment, our electronically silent rack HDMI cable provides near absolute connection.
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PRS Series

For high performance results and reliability. Designed to support higher data rates and signal performance whilst maintaining superior compactness, flexibility and resilience.
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PRO Series

Making performance easier. Robustness, flexibility, and compactness by combining advanced engineering and quality materials for a flexible yet compact installation cable.
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ONE Series

Making performance possible. Installation essentials designed for ease and user confidence.
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PLX Series

Designed to offer additional flexibility and complements existing infrastructure. Mounts in the tightest spaces for long length AV connectivity.
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Superior home entertainment connectivity in 8K performance for ultimate signal and support in every HDMI 2.1 feature.
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High-end 4K video performance engineered with superior materials for ultimate signal integrity.
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Generous bandwidth, maximum resolutions, complete compatibility.
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