The Kordz connectivity range is designed for systems technicians, by systems technicians. Through our unique approach to innovation, we design, engineer and manufacture professional grade products that are robust, fast and effective, so you can get in, get out, and get onto the next project more profitably. This rigorously tested, multi-award-winning range has been thoughtfully created to accommodate your diverse project needs and budgets. Backed by our expert in-house technical support, we invite you to experience the difference of ‘Connectivity Assured’ with Kordz. 

R.X. Series

Custom designed for the specific needs of the world’s leading systems technicians, our R.X Series delivers unrivalled connectivity solutions in Rack, Marine, Medical, Broadcast and other industries where products cannot fail. It offers the world’s most highly constructed cable, virtually eliminates signal noise and interference with an industry-leading success rate whilst still providing highly effective installation features. Engineered to protect critical signals regardless of the installation environment, our best-in-class, near electronically silent rack cable provides ultimate connection, flexibility, tested reliability and safety as covered by the Kordz Lifetime Guarantee. It’s Mission Critical. Kordzified.
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PRS Series

Designed to support higher data rates and signal performance with market-leading compactness, flexibility and resilience, our PRS Series challenges what’s possible for cable connectivity. Combining cutting-edge technologies in high performance applications with Kordz’ signature ease of installation and robustness, PRS Series helps you implement emerging technology and connectivity protocols to create installations that are future ready now. It’s High Performance. Kordzified.
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PRO Series

Designed by experienced integrators for a superior installation experience, our PRO Series helps systems technicians work quickly and effectively to create robust networking and audio-visual systems with less callouts. Every product is made from functional designs using higher grade materials and advanced engineering, then every single product is quality tested multiple times prior to packaging. This makes PRO Series the professional’s choice to increase profitability by saving time, effort and space. Get in, get out, and get onto the next project with PRO Series; a complete Kordz ecosystem that delivers ‘Connectivity Assured’. It’s Installation. Kordzified.
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ONE Series

Our budget-friendly ONE Series is engineered to make performance possible in everyday audio, audio-visual, network and control systems. Great for professional grade essentials, these products are designed and made using quality materials and processes to provide long-term reliability and flexibility. Delivering user confidence, Kordz ONE Series balances the books without compromising on quality. It’s Everyday. Kordzified.
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