This icon states that this HDMI cable is capable of transmitting Ultra HD/4K signal up to 3 meters (9.84 feet).

10.2 Gbps means that the HDMI cable is capable of the speeds required in the HDMI 1.4 standard, which was released in 2009. In this case, the cable must be capable of sending/receiving 10.2 billion bits per second.

ARC, or Audio Return Channel, is a feature that started in HDMI 1.4 and allows for audio to transmit from a television to a receiver or other device, as opposed to only sending audio from a source such as a Blu-Ray player to a television or receiver. This is a very useful feature for those “cutting the cord” where off air antennas are used or built-in streaming applications such as Netflix, which allows for a better listening experience by bypassing television speakers, which are usually substandard quality.

3D stands for three-dimensional video. 3D was very popular in the early 2010’s and typically relies on glasses, either coloured or active shutter, to give an image three-dimensional depth. 3D often required higher refresh rates to allow for each eye to receive full resolution of the image. There are various formats for 3D, some of which require more data than others.

HEAC stands for HDMI Ethernet/Audio Return Channel. Beyond ARC, HDMI 1.4 also added ethernet support. This enabled two-way internet connections via HDMI if one device has an established ethernet connection. This is particularly useful if a display needs an ethernet connection and a source, which is HEAC compatible, is already connected.

Lifetime warranty

  • Product outline

    Kordz ONE Series HDMI makes performance possible with compactness and flexibility for plug and play requirements. Each Kordz ONE Series cable is individually tested in line with the strict Kordz production process and backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. Kordz ONE Series HDMI features flexibility, compactness and HDMI certification, delivering an installation essential that makes performance possible. Each ONE Series HDMI is constructed through a strict production process and includes High Speed with Ethernet in lengths up to 3m (9’10”) for 2160p (4K) support and backed by HDMI certification and the Kordz Lifetime Guarantee.

    Available in 0.5m, 1.0m, 2.0m, 3.0m, 5.0m, 10m

    • PVC boot shell assembly with folded nickel plated HDMI connector
    • High Speed with Ethernet in lengths to 3m (9’10”) for 2160p (4K) support
    • Standard with Ethernet with operational support to 1080p/60 up to 10m (32’9”)
    • 100% of units tested on the production line for electrically continuity on all pins, with 1080p/60 application test
    • Lifetime Warranty

  • Application

    Video Format Support  – Data rate per channel / Aggregate, TMDS Bandwidth

    All Lengths

    • 480i/p, 576i/p: ≤ 540Mbpsc/1.62Gbps, 270MHz
    • 720p/60, 1080i/60: 742.5Mbpsc/2.22Gbps, 371.25MHz
    • 1080p – 8-bit RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4, 10/12-bit 4:2:2 or 4:2:0:
    • 23.98/24/29.97/30 – 742.5Mbpsc/2.22Gbps, 371.25MHz
    • 50/59.94/60 – 148.5Mbpsc/4.455Gbps, 742.5MHz
    • 3D-24/30 – 148.5Gbpsc/4.455Gbps, 742.5MHz
    • 3D-50/60 – 2.97Gbpsc/8.91Gbps, 1.485GHz

    Lengths to 3m only – High Speed

    • 1080p – 10/12/16-bit RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4:
    • 50/59.94/60fps – max. 2.97Gbpsc/8.91Gbps, 1.485GHz
    • 2160p (UHD/4K)
    • HDMI 1.4b – 8-bit RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4, 10/12-bit 4:2:2 or 4:2:0:
    • 4096x2160p/24 (SMPTE) – 2.97Gbpsc/8.91Gbps, 1.485GHz
    • 3840x2160p/23.98/24/29.97/30 – 2.97Gbpsc/8.91Gbps, 1.485GHz
    • HDMI 2.0 – 8-bit YCbCr 4:2:0:
    • 2160p*/50/59.94/60 – 2.97Gbpsc/8.91Gbps, 1.485GHz
    • VESA Graphics: Supports all as defined by HDMI 2.0 specification, up to 8.91Gbps
    • Color Spaces: RGB, YCbCr, xvYCC, Adobe sRGB, sYCC601, ITU-BT.2020
    • Audio Formats Support: PCM 2.0-7.1, DD/DTS HD 7.1, 3D Audio (10.2 | 22.2 | 30.2ch)
    • 3D Audio (10.2 / 22.2 / 30.2ch): Supported – device & video format dependant
    • HDMI Ethernet Channel: Supported – system dependant
    • HDMI Audio Return Channel: Supported – system dependant


    *HDMI 2.0 2160p modes encapsulate both 4,096 or 3,840 Hres variants & 4:3 anamorphic pixel ratio support


  • Technical info




    HDMI CTS Certification: High Speed with Ethernet

    Certified Data Rate: 3.4Gbpsc, 10.2Gbps aggregate

    Supported Data Rate: > 3.4Gbpsc (4K UHD)

    Supported HDMI Clock: 27-340MHz


    HDMI COMPLIANCE: 5.0m – 10m lengths

    HDMI CTS Certification: Standard with Ethernet

    Certified Data Rate: 0.7425Gbpsc, 2.25Gbps aggregate

    Supported Data Rate: >1.485Gbpsc (1080p/60)

    Supported HDMI Clock: 27-148.5MHz



    Cable Diameter: Cable gauge dependent (see below)

    Mounting Length: Cable gauge dependent (see below)

    Cable Bend Radius: Cable gauge dependent (see below)

    Retention Force (nominal): 9.9N (1kg / 2.2lbs) +10/-5%



    Primary Conductors: Solid 32-26AWG OFC, length dependent

    Insulation on TMD: Polyolefin/Foamed PE/PE, length dependent

    Insulation on 4C + HEAC Pairs: Polyolefin/Foamed PE/HDPE, length dependent

    Shielding on TMDS Pairs: Al/Mylar

    Shielding Overall: AL/Mylar + AL braid 80% coverage

    Cable Jacket: PVC – ≤ 3.0m lengths/UL CMG-rated – 5.0m-10.0m legnths

    HDMI Connector Shell: PVC Injection moulded, Nickel plated connector plate

    HDMI Connector Pins: Solid OFC, 15μ” 24K Gold plated

    Termination: Contactless IR induction soldering

    HDMI Backshell: PVC boot strain relief

  • Warranty

    Kordz ONE Series HDMI comes with our product Lifetime Warranty that promises maintained product function and performance for your lifetime.

  • Downloads

ONE Series HDMI Cable

Kordz ONE Series HDMI makes performance possible through flexibility and compactness while supporting High Speed with Ethernet up to 3m (9’10”). Each cable is certified by HDMI Licensing and supported by our Lifetime Guarantee.

Colour options:

  • Product Code
  • Description
  • K16041-0050-CH 0.50m, 1.64ft
  • K16041-0100-CH 1.00m, 3.28ft
  • K16041-0200-CH 2.00m, 6.56ft
  • K16041-0300-CH 3.00m, 9.84ft
  • K16045-0500-CH 5.00m, 16.4ft
  • K16045-1000-CH 10.0m, 32.8ft

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