• Product outline


    • Engineered and constructed to ensure installation ease and success
    • Slow annealing process to ensure high conductivity and increased flexibility
    • Polished conductor surface to increase surface adhesion of insulation and minimise oxidation
    • Medium strand AWG to balance power handling and flexibility
    • 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC)
    • Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) construction
    • Easy-glide outer jacket available in yellow, purple or black
    • Durable Rapid-EZ-Reel packaging – *152.5m (500ft) or 305m (1,000ft) * cable gauge & configuration
    • Metre marked for accuracy
    • Easy-strip internal nylon ripcord
    • Available in 2 and 4 core configurations
    • Available in 12, 14 and 16 AWG
    • Industry standard internal wire colour coding (red, black, green, white)
  • Application

    • General High Reliability
    • Residential & Commercial
    • Home Theatre
    • Rack & AV Cupboard
    • Corporate & Board Room
    • Education
  • Technical info

    Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
    Uses materials to aid human safety in the event of fire. Low smoke emission aids visibility and breathability during evacuation. Zero halogens are released when the cable is subjected to high heat sources and combustion, preventing the formation of toxic and corrosive gases. This is mostly used in marine applications and throughout Europe.

    UL CL3
    Uses materials to prevent fire propagation via the cable in the event of fire. CL3 is a general purpose standard suitable for vertical trays but not for more demanding situations such as risers and tunnels. Mostly used in North America.

  • Warranty

    Our individual product testing guarantees this product bought from Kordz or an authorised reseller to be free from material and production defects for your lifetime.

    In general, we offer the following:

    • Life-Time Warranty on all “Passive Cables”.
    • Five Year Warranty on all “Active Cables”.
    • Two Year Warranty on all “Electronics Devices & Components”.


    Visit LINK for more product warranty information. 

  • Downloads

ONE Series Speaker Cable

Kordz ONE Series Speaker Cable is engineered to meet the highest industry standards for high performing AV installations. Each cable flows from the Rapid-EZ Reel pro box without snags, twisting or curling and its robust materials feature an easy-glide outer jacket with low smoke and zero halogen emission construction.

Colour options:

  • Product Code
  • Description
  • K12202-152M-BK

    152m / 500ft, 12AWG x 2, Black

  • K11802-152M-BK

    152m / 500ft, 14AWG x 2, Black

  • K11902-152M-BK

    152m / 500ft, 14AWG x 4, Black

  • K11502-152M-BK

    152m / 500ft, 16AWG x 4, Black

  • K11402-305M-BK

    305m / 1000ft, 16AWG x 2, Black

  • K12202-152M-YL

    152m / 500ft, 12AWG x 2, Yellow

  • K11802-152M-YL

    152m / 500ft, 14AWG x 2, Yellow

  • K11902-152M-YL

    152m / 500ft, 14AWG x 4, Yellow

  • K11502-152M-YL

    152m / 500ft, 16AWG x 4, Yellow

  • K11402-305M-YL

    305m / 1000ft, 16AWG x 2, Yellow

  • K12202-152M-PP

    152m / 500ft, 12AWG x 2, Purple

  • K11802-152M-PP

    152m / 500ft, 14AWG x 2, Purple

  • K11902-152M-PP

    152m / 500ft, 14AWG x 4, Purple

  • K11502-152M-PP

    152m / 500ft, 16AWG x 4, Purple

  • K11402-305M-PP

    305m / 1000ft, 16AWG x 2, Purple

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