Kordz PRO Series

Featuring robust materials and functional designs, our PRO Series products have redefined professional grade connectivity and are engineered to make installations a simple, superior experience.

PRO & PRO3 Series HDMI

Engineered for professional AV integrators with higher-grade materials and processes for easy, installation and product confidence. Designed for reliability and installation efficiency through copper pins, induction soldering and gold plated 1kg extraction connectors.

PRO Series Patch Cord

Flexible, slim and ideal for fast Gigabit Ethernet in professional AV installations with stranded 28AWG copper. The PRO patch cord features our custom designed compact RJ45 connector designed to be the most resilient RJ45 connector in the world. All PRO Series Patch Cords exceed Category 6 ANSI/TIA 568.2-D standards, are CMG rated and individually product tested prior to packaging. Available in 8 colours and 16 different lengths from 15cm to 30m
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PRO Series DisplayPort™ Cable

Deliver 8K resolution bandwidth requirements of high-performance video installations. Our PRO Series DisplayPort™ cable is engineered to make installations easier through solid copper pins and a highly flexible fire rated jacket. Our PRO Series DisplayPort™ cable reliably delivers up to 8K resolutions from compatible sources to displays. Available in lengths from 1m to 5m
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PRO Series TOSLink Cable

Deliver clean, accurate sound in an optimised digital audio signal. A high-density optical fibre solution for professional AV installations, the PRO Series TOSLink cable excels in flexibility and durability. Featuring secure fit connectors and a polyfibre conductor for optimal digital audio transmission.
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PRO Series RCA Cable

Easy to install, double shielded and mitigates interference in professional and commercial settings. Our PRO Series RCA cables are ideal for professional AV installations with high flexibility for a versatile solution to installation applications. Available in single and double plug configurations, the PRO Series RCA cables are built to accommodate a variety of useful installer applications.
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