PMC x Kordz: Audio Demo Room at ISE2023, Barcelona

November 30, 2022 PMC x Kordz: Audio Demo Room at ISE2023, Barcelona

Experience the full power of PMC speakers at ISE2023, connected by Kordz  

PMC speakers are exactly designed and engineered. Their products are highly regarded by the professional music industry and are the monitoring speaker of choice used by many famous musicians, producers and recording engineers. From Prince to Stevie Wonder, name a famous musician or producer and they will have used PMC. Name a respected world-class recording studio and they will have PMC.

James Chen, Managing Director, Kordz International

Award-winning UK loudspeaker manufacturer, PMC, is bringing its legendary speakers to ISE2023, in a demo space that will be connected by Kordz. Show attendees will be able to experience the power and performance of PMC’s industry-leading products in Barcelona.

From HQ to ISE 2023: The start of a collaboration

If you need more proof that cables make a difference in the experience of a superior system, look no further than PMC HQ. Kordz provided the connectivity for PMC’s 22-square-metre, 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos cinema, an invitation-only space for dealers and their clients to experience the best audio achievable at the Bedfordshire HQ.  

The PMC demo room was created with one goal in mind: to demonstrate home cinema sound at its greatest. The state-of-the-art cinema showcases the PMC range of installation loudspeakers for its clientele, the bulk of whom are trade visitors from the UK’s high-end custom installation and retail sectors. 

The idea was to create a space in which PMC could invite our clients from around the world to experience the very best that can be achieved in a home cinema environment.

Ian Sutton, Director, PMC Distribution UK

PMC HQ’s demo room is described by its personnel as ‘breath-taking’. The cinema incorporates the Ci series including the ci140, ci65, and ci30 speakers, and uses Kordz for all the cabling. 

Building on this successful collaboration, Kordz will be bringing its professional-grade cabling solutions and reliable connectivity to the PMC’s ISE 2023 immersive demonstration space.  

What’s Instore for ISE visitors? 

PMC’s booth will bring a 20 square metre acoustically treated demo suite equipped with their range of in-wall speakers with Ci140 for the Left, Centre, and Right Channels. Surround channels will be handled by Ci45 speakers and for overhead channels, Ci30’s will be bringing the immersion. Of course, every cinema needs punch in the bottom end and this will be delivered by the PMC8-2 subwoofers, which will do the heavy lifting with the poise and control that comes from PMCs engineering know-how and heritage. As PMC’s cabling partner for the show, Kordz will as always be delivering on its time-honoured promise of Connectivity.Assured

The demo space at ISE 2023 presents an unmissable opportunity for those attending to get first-hand experience of PMC’s undeniable ability to deliver some of the finest immersive audio. 

When Performance Matters 

PMC’s ISE demo room will showcase the next-level performance of the Ci series and Kordz International Managing Director, James Chen, feels Kordz is more than up to the task.  

Personally, I regard PMC as one of the standards and very best speakers made in the world. It is an honour that PMC uses Kordz to connect their products and from an engineering point of view, we are very much aligned regarding our beliefs in providing well constructed, engineered and tested products.” 

Every Kordz cable is professional grade, high quality, individually tested and certified to ensure that the system works beautifully, every time.

James Chen, Managing Director, Kordz International

Much like Kordz’ own ethos, PMC values reliability, performance, and accuracy in their products. Experience for yourself the PMC difference, proudly connected by Kordz professional grade cabling solutions at ISE2023.

Want to experience the PMC difference?  

Experience PMC at booth 2D250 and find Kordz at booth 2F450 at ISE2023, Barcelona. See you soon!

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