Why Kordz Makes The Cables We Do

June 06, 2023 Why Kordz Makes The Cables We Do

Since its inception, Kordz has prided itself on being an engineering-led company, dedicated to providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions that cater specifically to the needs of professional AV installers. With an unwavering commitment to its customers, Kordz has established a formidable reputation in the industry as a reliable and innovative technology partner

At the heart of Kordz’ ethos is a belief that connectivity products should serve as an enabler of systems of excellence, simplifying and enhancing the work of skilled AV installers. By employing carefully considered design principles and working closely with the installation community, Kordz continually refines its products to address emerging needs and evolving industry trends, making everyday installation tasks faster and easier. 

In this article, we explore how Kordz’ engineering-first philosophy forms the very essence of the company, influencing the creation and enhancements of its products.

Appropriate Engineering Guided by In-The-Field Experience

Kordz takes pride in its approach to engineering, as it forms the cornerstone of the company’s mission of delivering professional grade connectivity products to its customers. In every phase of product development, Kordz places significance on what is both deliberately included and excluded. It recognises that sometimes for professional installations, less is more.

“Our engineering philosophy is two-fold; our products must be appropriate for use and use no superfluous materials or techniques.”

James Chen, Kordz Managing Director 

By employing the principles of appropriate engineering, Kordz ensures that its offerings are precisely tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of its customers. This meticulous approach involves careful analysis of industry trends, comprehensive research, and close collaboration with professional AV installers. 

With a global team comprising former professional installers and integrators, Kordz recognises that every installation is unique, presenting its own set of challenges and intricacies. Therefore, the company focuses on understanding the specific pain points faced by its customers and using these insights to develop products that not only solve existing problems but also anticipate future needs. 

Through extensive testing and continuous refinement, Kordz ensures that its engineering solutions remain aligned with the demands of the industry. The company’s commitment to delivering reliable, durable, and high-performance products reflects its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. 

For example, when Kordz created its ONE Series Speaker and Category Cables, it carefully researched and trialled materials that would simplify and streamline installation. The end result: a cabling solution that was dramatically more flexible, compact and supple.  

The second part of Kordz’ approach to engineering is refreshingly pragmatic, avoiding overcomplication and the unnecessary use of materials that bring little or no benefit to installers.  

Unlike some companies that may be tempted to indulge in excessive engineering or use of fancy materials simply for the sake of it, Kordz takes a more grounded approach. By focusing on what truly matters to professional AV installers, Kordz ensures that its products are purpose-built to address their specific needs and provide value. This empowers installers to carry out their work with confidence and efficiency at a range of price points to match the desired performance level. 

For example, many manufacturers of HDMI cable focus on appearance – colour, exterior design and attractive packaging. They might be nice to look at but sometimes fail to address the real needs of the AV integrator. Kordz’ HDMI cables, by comparison, are designed with a focus on installation ease and performance through exceptional engineering and assembly, rigorous testing, and use of higher-grade materials inside the jacket.   

Design Philosophy

Kordz understands that time is of the essence for professional installers and any delays or complexities can impact their productivity and profitability. To address this, Kordz incorporates innovative features in its products that simplify and streamline installation. 

For example, Kordz’ compact connectors allow installers to navigate confined spaces and shallow mounting depths swiftly and effectively. Such meticulous attention to detail guarantees a robust, fast, and reliable product that truly caters to the installer’s needs. Further minimising time and effort in the field are flexible, compact and robust cables with jackets that enhance longevity, performance, and comply with global fire ratings. 

Kordz’ commitment to installer-focused innovation is exemplified by the inclusion of features such as a patented Nylon RJ45 connector with a ‘snap-proof’ latch and a shark-nosed dust cap for its new PRS4 HDMI cable. These clever enhancements simplify the process of feeding and fishing HDMI cables. Another example is the innovative SlimCat range of network cables, which allow installers to double the cable capacity of a given cable duct, hole or tray. This is achieved by trading absolute cable length for a smaller overall diameter which enables quicker, faster installation, especially in high-density and retrofit situations. Kordz redesigned its production lines and processes specifically for SlimCat, a significant investment that reflects its dedication the systems integration community.  

Installers First

“Kordz believes in putting installers first, which is why our cables are optimised to make installations easier.”

James Chen, Kordz Managing Director 

Even with installer-focused features such as flexible and robust cables with short connector heads, and innovations such as the shark-nosed HDMI dust cap, Kordz’ dedication to the integration community extends beyond physical products. Kordz believes strongly in giving back to the industry and does so by providing a wide range of resources and tools to support. These include technical guides, videos, professional briefings, and articles, all of which are freely available to installers on the Kordz website. 

In Conclusion 

Kordz’ engineering-first approach coupled with its design philosophy, showcases a deep understanding of the needs of professional AV installers. The company’s commitment to practicality and efficiency ensures that its offerings are streamlined, reliable, and purpose-built, empowering installers to work with confidence and efficiency. Beyond installation-friendly, high-performance products, Kordz provides valuable resources and tools such as technical guides, videos, white papers, and articles to support and educate installers. 

This unwavering focus on appropriate engineering, thoughtful design, and support and service cements Kordz’ position as a trusted connectivity partner.  

If you’ve had a great experience using Kordz’ products, or you have any suggestions about how we can make Kordz products better and more user-friendly, we’d love to hear from you.

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