What Does it Mean to Kordzify?

February 05, 2024 What Does it Mean to Kordzify?


In the world of professional Systems Integration, where disparate systems are stitched together by technology professionals to create a seamless end-user experience, at Kordz we believe that the robustness of every connection is critical to the success of the entire system. We also believe that it is equally important that your user experience as systems technicians integrating these systems is positive; connectivity products that are hard to install discourage and prevent technicians from adopting new technologies successfully, leading to manual workarounds or just a plain bad user experience.

Therefore, it is important that manufacturers of connectivity products design them to provide robust and fast connection whilst also delivering an effective installation and integration experience for the professionals doing the work. And yet many manufacturers, feeling the pressure of market forces like speed to market and pricing, do not build in the time to think deeply about these issues or address them through their design process, often leading to frustrations and scepticism about connectivity products on an industry-wide scale.

As a company founded by seasoned integrators, Kordz’ product development approach goes far beyond mere product manufacturing; it’s about understanding your challenges as systems technicians and engineering solutions to meet these head-on, crafting quality, user-driven connectivity solutions for the AV, home automation and IT industries. Our products aren’t just about linking points A and B; they’re about ensuring a reliable, efficient system that performs flawlessly under pressure. This focus is crucial in environments from high-end home theatres to complex smart home systems to larger commercial projects, and at Kordz, we believe it is what will ultimately empower this industry, and technology at large, to advance.

In this article, we want to share with you some of our product design philosophies and beliefs – fundamental to what we like to call the “Kordzification” process. Our ambition is to encourage the connectivity industry to adopt a fresh mindset; one that prioritises taking care of integrators and focuses on the robustness of quality connections so that they are seamless and long-lasting, rather than rushing development to be first to market with the latest product.

Recognising the vital role of installers from first-hand experience, our commitment is to your success by supplying robust, fast, and effective products, which also has significant environmental and social ramifications. This approach underscores our dedication to not only fulfilling immediate practical requirements but also contributing to a more professional, sustainable and conscientious industry.

Let’s get into it.

Understanding Your Challenges As Professionals

Professional systems technicians navigate a minefield of challenges daily. Key among these are increasing installation complexities, ensuring seamless connectivity and compatibility between the ever-growing number of devices and protocols. Each installation is a puzzle, with pieces that must fit perfectly to avoid system failures or customer dissatisfaction.

“Each installation is a puzzle, with pieces that must fit perfectly to avoid system failures or customer dissatisfaction.”

Furthermore, the relentless pace of technological advancement adds another layer of complexity. Today’s cutting-edge solutions can quickly become tomorrow’s outdated tech. This rapid evolution demands solutions that are not just effective now but adaptable for the future. Systems technicians must constantly stay ahead, learning and evolving to keep pace with the latest developments.

Profitability, too, is a pressing concern in today’s market. Apart from product costs, callouts or system failures can quickly erode profit margins and damage reputations. Therefore, the right balance must be struck between using high-quality, reliable components and managing costs.

Kordz recognises the intricate challenges that you face as professionals and is committed to making integration more straightforward and efficient. This commitment encompasses a holistic view of your work, considering everything from ease of installation to the stress of systems failures. Our products are engineered to be not just robust and faster to install but also easy and intuitive to use. This translates to reduced installation time, fewer faults and failures, and ultimately increased peace of mind, customer satisfaction and referral business. We have a name for our unique approach to product optimisation, specifically tailored for professional integrators, and that is “Kordzification”.

The Kordzification Process 

At its core, Kordzification is about adapting and refining our products to meet the exacting standards and specific needs of the professional AV integration and IT industries. This process involves a blend of creativity and technical expertise, ensuring that every product we develop is not only in line with current industry standards but also anticipates future technological trends and interoperability requirements.

The Kordzification process is not merely about meeting industry standards; it’s about setting new benchmarks for quality and robustness in the AV integration and IT sectors. Working with the industry’s leading organisations, such as CEDIA, HDMI, HDBaseT and DPL Labs enables us to workshop what’s possible at the cutting edge. Then our commitment to certifications, relevant fire ratings, compliance, quality of materials, and innovative manufacturing techniques culminates in the production of superior products that you can rely on as professionals.

Listening to and analysing the evolving needs of the industry is the crucial first step in our Kordzification process. We engage closely with our community of professional integrators at events and tradeshows all around the world, gathering feedback, and understanding the challenges you face in your day-to-day work. This direct line of communication is vital, as it allows us to tailor our offerings to address your real-world issues effectively, as quickly as possible. Kordz receives constant requests for greater compactness of products, which is increasingly important in today’s space-conscious environments. Our team places a high priority on creating products that are not only robust but efficient to install and easy to manage in tight spaces. This ensures that our products are not just reliable but also practical, aligning with the precise needs of systems technicians who often work in environments where every centimetre of space counts.

Following the crucial step of gathering industry feedback, the essence of the Kordzification process takes form. It’s a creative alchemy where market feedback, our own rich experience in integration, and engineering and manufacturing expertise converge. This unique blend is what makes Kordzification so distinctive. It’s not just about reacting to current demands but also about proactively seeking inspiration from adjacent and even unrelated industries, applying fresh perspectives to catalyse brand-new solutions in the market that solve real problems.

“It’s a creative alchemy where market feedback, our own rich experience in integration, and engineering and manufacturing expertise converge.”

Take, for instance, our most recent innovation, the PRO SlimCat Patch Cord BeltPak. This genuinely game-changing, installation and eco-friendly packaging solution was born from observing practices in different sectors and asking ourselves how we could apply those insights to enhance our products and make our customers’ networking projects easier. Similarly, the creation of the SlimCat Network Cabling Systems was the result of Kordz daring to question the status quo. We asked: why do systems technicians in our market require 100m channels? What if we could provide a more efficient 50m channel? How could we reinvent Cat 6 and Cat 6A cabling to make it slimmer and more flexible, yet just as robust, to go where Cat cable has never been before? It’s this willingness to challenge existing norms and ask novel questions that sets Kordz apart.

At Kordz, we pride ourselves on an ability to view connectivity products through fresh eyes, without compromising on affordability, performance or compliance. It’s about looking beyond the conventional, using imagination, manufacturing know-how, engineering, mathematics and science to explore new possibilities, and constantly innovating. This is the spirit of Kordzification – connectivity, but not as you know it.

The final step in the Kordzification process is what truly sets Kordz apart – an unwavering commitment to consistency in manufacturing through rigorous processes and testing. We firmly believe that even if the product concept is innovative, if the manufacturing is not effective, and it comes at the expense of robustness and consistent performance, then it is not true innovation. That is why each Kordz product is tested not only to ensure it meets expected industry standards but also to ensure that it is consistently replicated to the same high quality.

The PRS SlimCat Patch Cord exemplifies this commitment. Each cord undergoes a comprehensive testing regime, designed to ensure it meets, and often exceeds, the highest industry standards. Our expectation is uncompromising: a 100% pass rate. Every PRS patch cord must flawlessly meet stringent criteria before it can be deemed fit for market. This approach eliminates the chance of failure in your projects as every product is subject to thorough testing and analysis, guaranteeing specific, measurable, and reliable outcomes. That’s why when we say our products are robust, fast, and effective, it’s more than a marketing claim; it’s a fact supported by empirical evidence.

Ultimately, our aim at Kordz is to offer the integration community products that simply make their lives easier and work every time. It’s about delivering dependable, Kordzified solutions, one at a time, ensuring that each addition to our range is as reliable and user-friendly as the last. This way, when you need quality connectivity for your projects, you don’t need to overthink it, you can simply trust Kordz – get in get out, and get onto the next project.

Connectivity Kordzified. It's connectivity, but not as you know it.

Why Kordzify Your Connectivity? 

The advantages for systems technicians in using our Kordzified connectivity products range from a significant reduction in hassle, time and overall cost to enhanced system reliability and improved user satisfaction. It’s about working smarter, not harder.

“It’s about working smarter, not harder.”

Efficiency is a standout benefit. Our products are designed to be straightforward and quick to install. This efficiency not only saves valuable time on site but also minimises the potential for installation errors. For systems technicians, this translates to less time spent troubleshooting and more time allocated to other productive and revenue-generating tasks.

Cost-effectiveness is another key advantage. Although some Kordz products may cost a little more than other brands, by reducing installation time and minimising the likelihood of faults and subsequent call-backs, Kordzified products directly contribute to cost savings on your projects. This can significantly impact the profitability of your projects overall, allowing integrators to better optimise their resources. And indeed, this is the feedback Kordz gets from integrators that make the switch.

Moreover, the reliability of our products is second to none. In the world of professional integration, system reliability is not just a preference; it’s a necessity. Kordzified products are rigorously tested and scientifically engineered to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and durability. This reliability means fewer failures, less downtime, and importantly, a lower total cost of ownership over the product’s lifespan. Thus, the user experience is also greatly enhanced with Kordzified products, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a stronger reputation for systems technicians who use Kordz products.

From saving time and costs to ensuring reliability and boosting end-user satisfaction, Kordzified products are an invaluable asset in the toolkit of any discerning professional systems technician, allowing you to stay focused on the big picture, not the little hurdles.

The Future Kordzified 

At Kordz, our commitment to innovation is unwavering, as we continually strive to stay ahead of the curve by addressing your integration challenges through connectivity Kordzified. There is much work to do and we are excited about the products and technologies in our pipeline designed to enhance both your daily professional lives and technological capabilities.

One of our key focuses moving forwards is sustainability. We are dedicated to engineering products that contribute to a better future and this involves careful consideration of various environmental impacts, from the packaging to the manufacturing process to the product’s end-of-life. A fundamental commitment within our philosophy on sustainability is to deliver on robustness, so that Kordz connectivity products stand the test of time and do not end up prematurely in landfill.

In essence, the future at Kordz is about blending professional satisfaction with cutting-edge technology and sustainability, ensuring that we continue to provide innovative, user-friendly, reliable, and environmentally-conscious solutions for the world of professional integration.


At Kordz our mission is to lift the bar in the world of professional integration through user-driven innovation, redefining connectivity with a keen focus on simplicity, efficiency and performance. Our journey from humble beginnings to a global leader over the past twenty-plus years is an indication of our commitment to innovation and quality, as well as the market’s keen response to professional grade connectivity. The essence of ‘Kordzification’ is ingrained in every product we create, ensuring they are not just solutions but a step towards a smarter, more connected world that works.

“The essence of ‘Kordzification’ is ingrained in every product we create, ensuring they are not just solutions but a step towards a smarter, more connected world that works.”

For professional integrators, Kordz offers an unparalleled range of products that blend scientific engineering, robust performance, and ease of installation. These Kordzified solutions bring tangible benefits, including time and cost savings, enhanced system reliability, and increased end-user satisfaction. This is why we say, experiencing is believing.

We invite professional systems technicians to explore Kordz’s offerings, confident that you will find in our products and team a reliable partner for your projects now, and for decades to come. With Kordz, systems technicians are not just installing systems; they are crafting experiences defined by reliability, efficiency, and the highest standards of professional integration. Join us in this journey to create a more connected, seamless world, one Kordzified connection at a time.

For more, please check our range of Connectivity. Kordzified.

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