August 27, 2021 CASE STUDY: How the Kordz R.3 Connected Arcadian Odyssey

“Ensuring that the project was industry compliant and audio-video calibrated to the highest standards to deliver an enthralling, vivid and encompassing experience was a top priority while never overstepping the requirements and restrictions of the client,” Aknur Bhatt, Owner and Director at Sound Sense, India.


Arcadian Odyssey by Sound Sense is a world class cinema with the global award recognition to match. This exceptional project by integrator, Sound Sense, provided the team with the opportunity to design a highly sophisticated home cinema by combining their collective skillsets and the ability to collaborate internally and externally. 

The 16-seater room was designed to fulfill all the client’s needs, including a Dolby Atmos 11.4.6 set-up using Wisdom Audio speakers, Christie CP4220 4K projector, and a 234-inch Vutec diagonal fixed-frame 2.35:1 screen.

Sound Sense was tasked with creating Arcadian Odyssey, a larger-than-life in-home experience with superior sound and visuals and an unlimited budget. The design criteria was aligned with high-quality metrics to reproduce sound, visuals, and effects as envisioned by the movie director.

With high performance objectives and intuitive floor plans, Sound Sense not only achieved the objectives of the client, but won global recognition for a project that pushed the boundaries of in-home installations.


The performance objectives outlined were to create an audio visual experience true to the vision of the film’s creators and the client’s love for Hollywood and Bollywood films. In addition, the project included floor plan limitations set by the architect, as well as some challenging requests from the client. 

Naturally, the need for performance without compromise while adhering to industry standards was a must. Yet while providing high performance applications, the client also required a discrete set-up that would be hidden behind the acoustic fabric material and not detract from the cinema environment. 

Additional requirements included:

  • A larger-than-life screen to bring the viewing experience to life
  • Seating capacity to accommodate at least 15 people
  • The ability to offer a private first-day-first-show screening for select movies from across the world
  • A variety of ambient lighting scenarios to set the tone of the room based on the client’s mood
  • The isolation of any noise from the home cinema room located directly above the entertainment area

“The client was keen on spending his limited time away from work at home doing something he loved with his family and close circle of 12 to 15 people. This avid movie lover wanted a larger-than-life screen to bring the entire experience to life, along with the ability to offer a private first-day-first-show screening for select movies. A variety of ambient lighting scenarios to set the tone of the room based on the client’s mood was a must. Any noise from the home cinema room was to be isolated from the entertainment area in the basement directly below. The home cinema set-up was to remain entirely discrete.”

Aknur Bhatt, Owner and Director at Sound Sense, India


Images with thanks to Sound Sense

Well-designed documentation is required on every project. These documents explain the systems that have been installed, but also allow for easy maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting. So to achieve the desired outcome for the client, Sound Sense designed in depth documentation for the cinema room, projector room and rack room to accomplish a logical blueprint. This outlined the needs of the project to achieve its goals and core performance values at the forefront of the installation. 

Devices were chosen, including a projector known for noise, which required a separate adjacent room to be incorporated into the floor plan of the home cinema design. From there, the team assessed possible connectivity products with a focus on reliability, signal silence, and versatile installation applications. Due to the number of devices and applications involved, a rack optimised cable was important.

As a result, the racks had to be well-designed, organised, and documented, as well as easily serviceable: if one wire failed, it was imperative that technicians know precisely where to look for a solution. This particular cinema had a clearly labelled, dressed, and managed rack, containing an impressive amount of amplification and processing. The racks were appropriately situated in a separate space and easily accessible for servicing and troubleshooting.

To make the ambitious project possible, the Kordz R.3 HDMI cable was chosen to provide a silent signal and ensure connection integrity.

To integrate the devices found in Arcadian Odyssey, a unique combination of advanced features was required to deliver unparalleled installation performance and reliability. Kordz R.3 was selected for its shielding, functionality and proven connectivity where assured connection is of the utmost importance.


Images with thanks to Sound Sense

According to Bhatt, the installation was a “dream project” that earned an array of awards, including:

  • CEDIA Awards Best Home Cinema (EMEA – Level III)
  • CEDIA Awards Best Home Cinema – Global
  • CEDIA Awards Best Dressed Rack
  • CEDIA Awards Best Documentation
  • CE Pro BEST Awards Home Theater/Media Room Project of the Year

Excellent workmanship was displayed in the wiring and throughout the project and delivered a world class project. The design documentation for this project was beyond standard and received CEDIA Best Documentation honours for the amount of work Sound Sense’s integrator put into planning. 

The aim of creating an outstanding in-home experience was recognized by the CEDIA Best Home Cinema award for Arcadian Odyssey’s ability to provide the highest quality metrics in reproducing sounds, visuals and effects in line with the film creators’ visions.

For its high performance requirements and attention to functional tidiness, the project won Best Dressed Rack in a third CEDIA Award scoop. Considered the nerve centre of any integration project, the rack’s media player, amplification, and processing to the level of networking, control and distribution of audio and video, was well labelled, dressed and managed for simplicit, and located for accessibility. 

Clients at this level have been to almost all possible cinema and home cinema set-ups. For them to be able to not only appreciate a set-up that is aesthetically subtle and yet cinematically vibrant and engulfing in all respects is everything we hoped for. The client stated that this immersive audio and video experience truly brought any movie alive.

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