April 04, 2023 CASE STUDY: Kordz Powers Taipei 101’s Immersive 4K Projection Mapping

Blending 4K Projection Mapping and 5G Streaming Content into Immersive Exhibitions – How Taiwan’s Tallest Building Goes to New Heights to Provide Visitors Next-Gen Digital Entertainment with Kordz.


Kordz cabling infrastructure connects 43 sets of projection equipment, projection mapping equipment, and 5G streaming content to create Ambi Space One, a one-of-a-kind entertainment and exhibition facility in the landmark skyscraper, Taipei 101

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  • Ensuring reliable, stable connectivity between projectors and source equipment located up to 50 metres apart. 
  • Maintaining the resolution of bandwidth-intensive AV from incoming 5G signals and high-res 4K imagery from advanced projectors outputting 11,000 lumens. 
  • Displaying pin-sharp, vibrant imagery on a variety of surfaces for a range of immersive, interactive art exhibits, presentations and performances. 
  • Mitigating signal latency for seamless projection mapping and synchronisation with interactive sensors. 


Ambi Space One engaged and collaborated with Kordz’ product team early in the planning stages. This helped them understand the demanding connectivity requirements of high-end AV equipment and helped identify Kordz PLX-HDB.3 HDBaseT extenders, PRO3 passive HDMI cables, and ONE-Cat6 cables as the infrastructure to support it.


Ambi Space One is now established as a unique, world-class experience. It appeals to both new and repeat customers, as well as up-and-coming digital artists to showcase their work. The experience is multi-sensory, making it truly special. 

Designed and installed by systems integration company Acer Synergy Tech with help from Kordz, these technologies set a new standard for AV entertainment. 


Maintaining the AV Integrity of Cutting-Edge Technologies 

Our digital experiences are advancing rapidly, becoming ever more immersive, interactive and engaging. Located on the fifth floor of Taiwan’s tallest building, Ambi Space One pushes the boundaries of time and space by projecting larger-than-life high-res imagery. Moving art, music videos, live concerts and other exclusive content move across entire wall and floor surfaces. Visitors don’t just passively watch the exhibitions and performances, they become active participants. 

A key component of this breathtaking experience is a high-performance cabling network from Kordz. This network seamlessly connects a combination of 43 strategically placed and specially calibrated 2K and 4K video projectors. It also networks state-of-the-art processors, projection mapping equipment, and interactive sensors. A network capable of staying on pace with the fast and heavy flow of AV traffic throughout the 858m2 space was essential. 

“Kordz products have never failed us, so for critical installations like this, we knew we could count on them to deliver the necessary performance. Installing the cabling and components was super easy and with little fuss, and Kordz’ helpful team was also on hand throughout the installation to provide technical support.” 

Anjour Lin, Principal at Cabutoma

The venue was large, and the project was ambitious. High-quality technology and a complex AV equipment layout with projectors located far from processors and sources posed a challenge. Despite these challenges, a hardwired network of Kordz cabling and components held it all together. The result is beautifully choreographed immersive art displays that put Ambi Space One on the map as one of the country’s most technologically advanced entertainment and exhibition venues. 

The networking system at Ambi Space One in the country’s tallest building, Taipei 101, consists of: 

  • Kordz PLX-HDB.3 HDBaseT extenders 
  • 4K HDMI, IR, RS-232 and PoC over a single Cat6 cable supporting 1080p resolutions up to 70m and 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 up to lengths of 40m 
  • PRO3 Passive HDMI cables
  • 100% factory tested to support 18Gbps transmission 
  • Highly flexible fire-rated cable featuring lightweight, small form-factor assemblies to simplify installation for the professional AV integrator 
  • Backed by Kordz Lifetime Warranty 
  • ONE-Cat6 and ONE-Cat6A cables 
  • Kordz ONE Series Cat6 U/UTP and Cat6A F/UTP cable is engineered to exceed 4K video bandwidth requirements 
  • Rapid-EZ reel is metre marked and flows from the supplied pull box without twisting or curling, minimising snags for optimal installation ease 
  • ONE series Cat6 cable is tested and approved to exceed 550Mhz, is HDBaseT™ recommended and exceeds the ANSI/TIA 568-D.2 standards

“Apart from the distribution of video, which represents the core asset of Ambi Space One, Kordz’ products were also used to hardwire IP cameras, plus video wall and security systems. Thanks to the support of Kordz throughout the integration process, we didn’t have to worry about the connectivity infrastructure at all.” 

Fina Lin, Vice General Manager at Ambi Space One 


Ensuring seamless connectivity and interoperability of 43 video projectors and numerous processors, projection mapping equipment, and interactive sensors is no small feat. Nor is the distribution of data-rich, high-res video to nearly four dozen 2K and 4K video projectors, which blanket imagery across the walls and floors of an 858m2 state-of-the-art multisensory exhibition and entertainment facility. 

To conquer this challenging project, Kordz worked closely with a team of integrators through the design and deployment of an extensive robust and flexible cabling infrastructure comprising meticulously engineered and designed HDMI and Cat6 cables and HDBaseT extenders. 


Taipei 101 projection mapping using 5G streaming for an immersive art experienced all powered by Kordz.
Images courtesy of Ambi Space One

The Kordz cabling foundation enabled the technology integrators and design teams of Ambi Space One to achieve the following: 

  • Although Ambi Space One was outfitted with a huge assortment of state-of-the-art AV technologies, the equipment is invisible to the naked eye. Without visual distractions, Ambi Space One guests become fully immersed and engaged with unique interactive performances, exhibitions, and productions. 
  • To comply with demanding design and performance objectives, video projectors reside more than 50 metres away from the source equipment. Any buffering or downtime would impact the experience and needed to be avoided at all costs. Kordz’ HDMI extenders and cabling enable fast and robust transmission of high-res AV signals with minimal degradation, latency, or loss. 
  • The bandwidth requirements of Ambi Space One are immense, as content is pushed into the facility from some of the most advanced technologies available today: 5G cellular service and 4K projectors. Kordz’ highly rated HDMI and Cat6 cables ably support these heavy data streams. 
  • In addition to the sheer magnitude of the project, transitions between images projected on the walls and floors of Ambi Space One are fluid and in synch with movements detected by sensors, thanks to the expertly designed and installed cabling infrastructure.  


Immersive AV Experiences 

Latency and downtime in a state-of-the-art exhibition facility are dramatically minimised. 

Ambi Space One, located in Taipei 101—Taiwan’s tallest building—boasts some of the most impressive technologies in the world. Without a strong, stable cabling infrastructure, they would struggle to live up to the venue designer’s and visitors’ expectations. A single failure in the signal chain could render Ambi Space One’s artistic intent less impactful. 

The right backbone is essential. Quality cabling and connectors from Kordz ensure the show runs smoothly and guests are entertained from start to finish. The integrated, interoperable system of high-end equipment and an advanced 5G cellular network tied together via a Kordz infrastructure establishes Ambi Space One as an extraordinary entertainment venue. 

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