August 27, 2021 CASE STUDY: How Kordz Connected Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ for Monaco’s Elite International Yacht Owners

To impress its high calibre clients, ‘The Wall’ required perfection in connection reliability and performance. A complete solution – supporting the ideation, vision, technical excellence, communication and specifications needed for an ambitious demonstration room befitting Monaco’s ultra-high net worth individuals. 



  • Creating a 5×5 interconnected content display that delivered above and beyond to impress the ultra-high net worth market within Monaco
  • Installation setup that aligned with The Wall’s simplicity principles and one-person installation promise.


  • Kordz PRS3 was selected to provide a reliable HDMI signal when performing product demonstrations to elite yacht owners
  • Powerful cable retention, unrivalled tolerances and reliable 18Gbps 4K signal


Connecting The Wall with reality

Every great new piece of hardware starts with something simple: an idea. 

For Kris Hogg, the European Business Manager of the Luxury Living European Display Organisation from Samsung Electronics, the concept was an installation versatile display without audiovisual compromise.

Monaco is a hub connecting businesses and ultra-high net worth individuals. People come from countless intersecting industries, especially during the world-renowned events close to the area. This includes the Monaco Yacht Show with on average 550 exhibiting companies, featuring over 125 superyachts and hosting over 36,000 attendees each year. Not only are the superyachts on display, attendees can visit the exhibition tent to find the latest hi-tech equipment to tailor their luxurious living spaces.

The goal was to wow the Monaco elite via The Monaco Luxury Living Lounge, which was based in Ermanno Palace, the perfect location for the superyacht industry and the ultra-high net worth market within Monaco. The product opportunity suited the unique demands of multi-million dollar yachts.

In a yacht, a single professional can install up to 25 screens without removing part of the hull. So the solution became ‘The Wall’, a 5×5 capable content showcase with a compact design and excellent picture quality, designed for one-person installation with carry handles and fine adjustment mounting. Additionally, the displays are direct drive LED, meaning they offer a powerful signal to view the display even in broad daylight. 

As yacht owners looking to upgrade their technology, The Wall provides the ideal addition to create an entertaining space with awe-inspiring visuals while sailing the far seas. When users are not watching content, the screen can be an extension of still and moving digital art to blend with the interior. Spaces can display content with astounding clarity, and scale it to versatile sizes, giving owners and their integrators a new tool for creating engaging spaces.

The Wall demonstrations were accessible by appointment only with the intention to create an exclusive and impressive experience using AI technology. On top of The Wall was a Dolby Atmos Experience that could be easily managed via an intuitive tablet. 

For Kris, the demonstrations allowed potential buyers to experience The Wall in the same way you would normally use a TV in your home, the difference being they were sitting down in front of “146 inches of pure awesomeness.” 

So product demonstrations had to impress first time, every time.

“When we were planning the Monaco Luxury Living Lounge, which is targeted at private clients interested in buying, we needed to ensure that all supporting technology alongside this incredible screen were the best of breed and were products we knew we could rely on.”

Kris Hogg, European Business Manager – Luxury Living European Display Organisation, Samsung

To display The Wall to Monaco’s frequenting international elite, it required true signal reliability. To put it simply, Kris needed cable connections that would deliver the high bit rate needed for 4K and high-speed internet, and to do it without question.

Therefore, Kris knew he had to find the right strategic partner who could help him connect his idea for The Wall’s demonstrations into reality.


Images courtesy of Samsung

An integrated team to connect The Wall

To impress an under-served market with high return potential, no corners were cut to show The Wall’s potential. And no aspect was left to chance.

“Having used Kordz cables for years, I knew that we could be totally confident in both the cables’ performance and reliability. But also aware that the unique nature of the cables in allowing for clean and elegant cabling bundles was a massive bonus.”

Kris Hogg, European Business Manager – Luxury Living European Display Organisation, Samsung

Our Kordz PRS3 HDMI cable and active optical HDMI were selected to deliver 18Gbps 4K resolution to support each of the 25 screens used in the 146-inch installation. Their unrivalled tolerances and magnesium diecast headshells were preferred, as were their ability to dampen vibrations at the connection with gold-plated 3kg retention connectors. 

This gave The Wall security in performance and reliability that left nothing to chance. After the displays and audio output devices were installed, the only way the connection would be moved is if it was moved by choice.

Kordz PRS3 cables meet the certification standards of DPL Laboratories, Inc 4K Product Certification Program to mitigate the uncertainty of cable and display manufacturers and end-users alike. DPL is a respected expert on high-bandwidth digital signalling solutions.

“When we are presenting to the highest end of the superyacht and residential market everything has to be perfect and Kordz does their part in ensuring the installation looks great and performs impeccably.”

Kris Hogg, European Business Manager – Luxury Living European Display Organisation, Samsung

During the presentations, things couldn’t have gone smoother.

Sharing a vision for The Wall and its benefits to Samsung’s customers, Kordz demonstrated that not only did we have the products necessary to complete the project but to understand Kris’ vision for it as well. We were honoured to share in the development with Kris and to deliver an experience to those who truly value top-end audiovisual experiences. 

Once we got started, the experience was seamless and aligned with The Wall’s promise of a simple installation experience. Thanks to the plug and play features of Kordz PRS3 Series cables, the focus was always on the product experience in question with signal reliability an assured feature. 

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