March 01, 2024 CASE STUDY: Increasing Profitability on Network Cabling and AV Installations

How a properly designed and installed digital infrastructure of quality cabling can mitigate service calls for greater customer satisfaction, connectivity performance and cost savings.


By switching to Kordz cabling, Millennium Systems Design has dramatically reduced service calls and increased performance and reliability of connected smart home devices.

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  • Inefficiencies in installation and maintenance of cabling infrastructures
  • Connectivity problems on-site and post-installation with high-end AV systems
  • Unreliable, unstable connectivity of high-performance AV components
  • Unpredictable, unprofitable service and maintenance costs of large-scale projects
  • Customer frustration with mediocre AV performance
  • Maintaining confidence in the company’s systems technicians
  • Profitability and customer loyalty


Looking for a way to increase the efficiency and profitability of their Florida-based systems integration business, Millennium Systems Design (MSD) turned to Kordz. The connectivity line designed, engineered and manufactured by the experienced integrators at Kordz focused squarely on the needs of the professional systems technician, which in turn improved MSD’s business operations and project outcomes across the board.


The revolutionary designs and build quality of Kordz’ line of professional-grade connectivity products enabled the MSD technicians to configure and install cabling faster and more confidently, while the cabling’s performance features supported the bandwidth and connectivity demands of MSD’s large-scale, high-end AV projects. By switching to Kordz as its preferred cabling provider, MSD has vastly improved the reliability, stability and connectivity of its AV projects, minimised cost blow-outs associated with pre and post-installation issues, and increased profitability and customer satisfaction.


Helping Systems Integrators Achieve Greater Business Success Through Quality Connectivity Solutions

Residential and commercial AV projects are growing increasingly large in scale, complex in design and requiring more bandwidth. With 20 years’ experience in the AV integration business, the technicians at Millennium Systems Design had experienced their fair share of cabling woes and found themselves on the frontier of this new paradigm, giving rise to the need for a better cabling solution for their elite clientele. From their first introduction to Kordz, the MSD team quickly recognised the remarkable value proposition of switching from their legacy brand to a provider clearly focused on meeting the specific and evolving needs of professional systems technicians while enhancing the profitability of their business.

“Our systems have never worked better. The extra $200 we might spend per $100,000 project for higher quality Kordz cabling is a minimal investment that provides an excellent return in terms of downstream cost savings, quality assurance, peace of mind and customer satisfaction.”

Mike Barry, Millennium Systems Design

Thin, flexible and compliant, Kordz cable was a huge time and trouble-saver, helping them complete jobs faster and with fewer complications. Moreover, MSD has improved operational costs and efficiencies because Kordz’ connectivity range requires less laborious post-installation service calls. Kordz’ wide range of cable lengths also contributes to MSD’s success. The company now pays for and uses only what’s needed, which minimises waste and the burden of hiding overruns. Last but not least, the colour-coding of Kordz cables ensures that no matter how much time has passed after the initial installation, or who has come and gone from the MSD team, technicians can quickly identify the correct cable for updates and changes.

Key Cabling Attributes Enabling Successful AV Installations:

  • Thinner and more robust than ordinary cabling and connectors, Kordz solutions install faster and with fewer problems.  
  • Engineered to comply with current communications and fire-rating standards, Kordz cabling supports the bandwidth requirements of existing and emerging technologies and will last the lifetime of a building.  
  • A broad range of connectivity solutions ensures the right cable and connectors for the job. 
  • Cabling offered in a wide variety of lengths mitigates excess, waste and messy cabling racks. 
  • Colour-coded cabling jackets enable quick, accurate identification during updates and modifications.  

“It pays to use high-quality cable and Kordz has proven itself a leading provider of some of the world’s best connectivity solutions.”

Mike Barry, Millennium Systems Design


Signal latency, interference and lacklustre image and audio quality can occur from a faulty cable—and pinpointing the culprit once the system is fully installed can challenge even the most experienced technicians. Time and again, MSD found the foundation of their smart home projects crumbling, which impacted their client relationships and eroded project profitability. The problem was so prevalent, MSD had no choice but to add a buffer for cabling service and maintenance into their operating costs and commit precious time, labour and service teams to ongoing remediation.


MSD approached Kordz’ US distribution partner, Future Ready Solutions, about their ongoing frustrations. Eric Bodley at Future Ready Solutions explained why poor-quality cabling is so counterproductive for professional integration businesses, leading to the many problems and inefficiencies MSD and many other professional firms encounter – ultimately costing projects far more in labour and callouts than the minimal on-cost of Kordz’ quality products that are purpose-built for professionals. MSD switched to Kordz line of professional grade connectivity range and its technicians and management team saw a dramatic turnaround.


Improved Efficiency, Profitability, Performance and Satisfaction:

  • MSD has reduced the 10% safety net it normally tacked onto proposals for cabling problems to somewhere between 3.5% and 5% for custom parts.
  • Thanks to enhanced reliability, stability and performance of the Kordz brand, the MSD technicians are no longer slaves to costly and frustrating service calls. They’re no longer ripping out and replacing shoddy cable. Instead, they’re providing a reliable, trouble-free infrastructure to customers that performs as it should… the first time.
  • The time and labour involved in the installation of cabling, even for large, complex projects has been dramatically reduced, resulting in greater profitability.
  • Available in a wide range of lengths to suit any project, MSD and its clients no longer pay for product they don’t need, minimising excess and waste, and delivering tidier racks.
  • Faster, more accurate updates and modifications to existing cabling infrastructures, thanks to the colour-coding on Kordz cabling.
  • Higher performance of installed AV components resulting in greater customer satisfaction thanks to the support of high bandwidth applications that meet customer expectations.

With Kordz, connectivity dramas and equipment maintenance are now a thing of the past.

The transition was simple and the outcomes nothing short of remarkable. Kordz’ range of quality cabling and connectivity products has improved every aspect of MSD’s business, from the simplification and efficiency of cabling installation to business profitability and customer satisfaction.

To discover more about Kordz’ line of professional-grade connectivity products, designed to be robust, fast and effective, check out our range.

All Images Credit: Millenium Systems Design

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