Years Of Engineering Yield Exceptional Integrator-Friendly HDMI Cable

Kordz is delighted to be introducing its latest PRS3 AOC HDMI cable to audiences at ISE 2018 this year. PRS3 AOC HDMI is an ultra-reliable cable that is both secure and simple to install. Light, thin and flexible, the industry-leading cable is suitable for all installations where long length and high bandwidth is required. The PRS3 AOC HDMI cable can deliver HDR/3D/4K/UHD/High frame rate to provide dependable high-quality signal distribution.

“Our commitment to “Connectivity Assured” is clearly evidenced by the PRS3 AOC HDMI,” says James Chen, Founder and Managing Director of Kordz. “With this cable, we wanted to simplify one-time HDMI installations, and provide a high-quality solution that delivers on both performance and affordability, with no sacrifices made to material and quality control. HDMI cabling is a vital component in AV installs, and we are committed to ensuring that every product delivers on the high standards that integrators and end users have come to expect from Kordz. We’d like to invite ISE attendees to come along to the Blustream stand where visitors will be able to get hands-on with our entire range of products, and learn what we have to offer.”

Thanks to its 1kg grip, the cable is perfect for integrators, ensuring that cable installation is a one-time job. This prevents the cable from falling out and leading to time-consuming, costly and potentially embarrassing re-connection work for integrators. As the cable does not require additional power (as an HDMI extender would), this further simplifies the integration challenge. Its Kevlar-reinforced internals allow for superior flexibility and pull strength during installation.

Balanced with its strength, the cable features a slim profile, with an anti-vibration connector shell that is just 18mm wide. It is available in a range of sizes to suit a wide range of installations – from 10 meters up to 30 meters, with longer sizes likely to be introduced soon. The HDMI cable’s 18Gbps maximum HDMI 2.0 certification from DPL Laboratories ensures that the product delivers on its performance promises, and each unit is individually tested prior to being sold.

Kordz has spent the last 3 years to engineer this latest product, using more than 10 years of experience in HDMI cables to create a product with exceptional design, material selection and manufacturing methodologies for mission critical dependability.

The Kordz PRS3 AOC HDMI cable is the only product to deliver all the following features to integrators:

  • Strong 1Kg grip ensures the connector stays in place for as long as required.
  • Zinc Alloy slim profile (18mm wide) anti vibration connector shell allows for easy installation – fits within a 20mm conduit.
  • 4 x glass fiber cables that can be re-purposed for later upgrades using other electronics.
  • Reinforced internals for superior flexibility and pull strength during installation
  • Light weight and flexible oLow smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacket for safety
  • No need for external power – works just like a normal 1m HDMI cable.
  • 18Gbps certified by DPL Labs for the maximum HDMI 2.0 specification.