April 19, 2023 Kordz Introduces a Faster, Easier Way to Install Hardwired Home Networks at Smart Home Expo

Released March 30, 2023

Key executives from Kordz demonstrate to Smart Home Expo attendees a unique approach to Cat6 and HDMI cabling design and installation for enhanced reliability, improved connectivity, and better home networking performance. 

Networking, once the unsung hero of a smart home ecosystem, is now one of the hottest categories in the industry. For 20 years, Kordz, a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative networking solutions, has influenced greater awareness and adoption of stable, reliable smart home infrastructures among systems integrators and end-users, alike. Today, at Smart Home Expo, May 4-6, in New Delhi, India, Kordz elevates the category further by showcasing a range of revolutionary cabling products, including its new multi-award-winning PRO SlimCat Network Cable System at Stall G1 with their India-based distribution partner, Miantic AV Distribution.  

Demonstrating the unprecedented installation ease and advanced performance features of Kordz’s extensive home networking product line to attendees at Smart Home Expo are long-time company directors, James Chen and Benjamin Yeh. Passionate about helping integrators operate lucrative networking businesses, these two networking pioneers will be on hand to share Kordz’s unique vision of the home networking industry, answer questions about new technologies impacting the market, and provide information on how systems integrators can benefit from utilizing Kordz cables.  

“Kordz has experienced remarkable growth in India and the APAC region in recent years, so we’re excited to show new and existing customers what we’ve been working on and how these solutions solve many of the common pain points they may be experiencing when deploying hardwired networks,” says Yeh. “Our goal has always been to evolve our products to support the connectivity and bandwidth demands of current and future smart home devices, services, and performance standards. Our product showcase at the Smart Home Expo is a testament to this overarching business strategy and approach to the burgeoning networking market.”  

Key Kordz Differences: 

Created by Integrators for Integrators 

There are many nuances to consider and challenges to overcome when integrating network cabling into residential and commercial settings. Kordz knows this all too well, as several of its team members were former installers of networking equipment. With decades worth of combined in-the-field experience, they bring a real-world perspective to Kordz, spearheading the development of products that make a meaningful difference to the bottom-line efficiency and profitability of an integrator’s business. “Like the systems integrators we serve, our team understands best practices and the value of high-quality cabling,” says Chen. “We approach the cabling market differently by focusing on how to make cables more installation-friendly. We started by breaking the stigma of HDMI cables being thick and hard to manage by developing a line that balances robustness, thinness, and flexibility, and our commitment to creating better solutions continues today.”   

Reliable & Robust Enough for Critical Applications 

When the military chooses a cable for their operations, you know it has to function exceptionally well. The high-performance standards to which Kordz cables adhere make it a choice product for highly sensitive and mission-critical environments such as the military, aerospace, government, and healthcare. Given its rich history serving these industries, Kordz is a no-brainer for the high-speed, high-resolution, high-bandwidth requirements of AV distribution and connectivity in luxury homes, yachts, and businesses.  

Built to Last a Lifetime So It Doesn’t Go to Landfill 

To minimise maintenance and ensure its cabling and components last the lifetime of a building, Kordz uses the right materials, backed by superior mechanical integrity and engineering expertise. For example, the nylon composite comprising its patch cord connectors provides a remarkable lifespan of 2,000 bend cycles. Another benefit of this longevity is sustainability. Thanks to their lower failure rate and lifetime warranty, Kordz products won’t end up prematurely in landfill.  

Dealer Support Through Global Distribution 

“Based on responses from our integration customers, it’s clear that Kordz’s commitment to reliability, performance, and longevity is making a real difference in their workflow and profitability,” says Manoj Manchala, co-founder of India-based Miantic AV Distribution. “Dealers who purchase from us expect only premium world-class smart products and systems. For this reason, Kordz is our choice provider of network and AV solutions. The quality of their products is unprecedented, as is the level of dealer support and service they provide – all geared to making integrators’ jobs easier and more successful.”  

Where to See Kordz  

Smart Home Expo attendees can see Kordz’s extensive networking product line and speak with key company executives at the Miantic AV Distribution Stall, G1.

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