October 13, 2022 Kordz releases groundbreaking whitepaper about cable fire safety

Released October 10, 2022

Kordz has announced the release of a new free whitepaper titled, ‘A Professional Integrator’s Guide to Cable Fire Ratings’, in response to the industry’s significant confusion on the topic, shedding light on the ways to protect lives and livelihoods from liability in the event of a fire.

While many systems integration professionals understand the importance of fire safety in principle, not everyone is aware of how cabling contributes to fires and what brands are doing to improve fire safety. Many are unaware that in the unfortunate event of a fire, distributors, integrators and installers can all legally be held financially liable for damages if it is found they used a cable that is non-compliant with fire rating standards in their region.

Integrators look to distributors to guide them in making the right choice of fire-rated products, and yet many distributors are non-experts in this highly technical field. Cable brands themselves can be hazy on the detail because of either a lack of technical know-how to scrutinise the claims of their third-party manufacturers, or a non-rigorous approach to the safety standards of their products.

In addition, the industry experiences confusion because fire ratings vary across regions and sometimes even within markets, depending upon the specific standard and testing methods. There are also many scientific concepts, acronyms and terms to understand.

“Not all cables claiming compliance are actually compliant, and that’s a big problem if something goes wrong. So, we want to help professionals in our largest markets of the US, EU, UK and Australia to know how to protect lives, as well as the livelihoods of themselves and their customers, by making the right choice of fire-rated cable”, said James Chen, Kordz Managing Director.

“We get a lot of questions about fire ratings and until now, there was no ‘go-to’ reference document to guide the systems integration industry around cable fire safety and cable fire ratings. That’s why Kordz’ certification experts developed this straightforward, quick start guide to demystify the topic. It’s an interesting read and it explains what you need to know – the materials, science, standards, how to navigate it and explain it to customers.”

Kordz has a commitment to providing integrators and installers with connectivity products that offer Predictable Reliability, going to great lengths to ensure that its cables meet the rigorous standards of leading fire rating certification bodies around the globe.

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