September 01, 2021 New Kordz Bravo, the most resilient Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 supported cable in the world

Kordz has released its Bravo Ultra High Speed HDMI cable supporting 8K resolution and all HDMI 2.1 features, certified by HDMI Licensing. Bravo represents the core promise of Kordz’s ‘Connectivity.Assured. tagline with robust materials and innovative design elements to create the world’s most reliable HDMI cable. 

Bravo is resilient and robust, featuring a subtle design for compact flexibility. It reflects Kordz signature design and manufacturing process, taking the better part of eight years to refine. It is the lightest possible cable without sacrificing support for all HDMI 2.1 features and suitable for dedicated gamers, home-theatre systems and anywhere consistent video immersion matters. 

The focus was a cable that users can plug-and-play, then set-and-forget, so reliable, they’ll forget it’s there.

“I’m very proud to finally announce the launch of Bravo”, says James Chen, Managing Director of Kordz. “It has been a long time coming and I thank everyone for their patience. The Bravo HDMI cable is a very high performing ‘Ultra High Speed’ certified cable by HDMI Licensing and can support all HDMI 2.1 features. It uses the latest manufacturing techniques perfected by Kordz over the last 15 years and the highest quality materials. As people have come to expect of Kordz, Bravo is engineered to be the most reliable HDMI cable in the world and we confidently back this with our lifetime warranty.”

Founded in Australia in 2003, Kordz is committed to a high standard of practical yet elegant design, partnered with superior manufacturing, delivering quality connectivity products worldwide. Its attention to detail, design, precision engineering and commitment to educating the industry is why Kordz is an internationally trusted and multi-award-winning brand.

Kordz utilises research and development facilities in Australia and Taiwan to engineer robust connectivity solutions for efficient commercial installations and deployment up-time while adhering to strict international standards. Kordz’ dedication and consistency has nurtured many like-minded affiliations over time, which have largely contributed to its knowledge base, development profile and ability to deliver. These affiliations include Quantum Data & Murideo HDMI test instrument manufacturers, HDMI Licensing and Authorised Test Centres (ATCs), and Jeff Boccacio – President of DPL Labs, amongst others. 


  • Ultra High Speed up to 3.0m for support up to 10K Wide.
  • 48Gbps data transfer rate bandwidth
  • Dynamic HDR (Active HDR)
  • eARC
  • HDCP 2.2 or later
  • Compact design
  • Flexible
  • Supports 32 channels of immersive audio
  • Newly design anodised head shell
  • Die cast gold plated connector with a 2kg retention force
  • 100% of units tested on the production line
  • Available in 1m, 1.5m, 2m & 3m lengths
  • Lifetime Warranty

About Kordz 

Kordz was founded in Australia in 2003 to meet the specific needs of the custom and commercial AV installation community by delivering dependable high definition connectivity solutions. It has since evolved into a well-respected, multi-award winning brand, specialising in reliable long reach HDMI after becoming an HDMI Adopter member in 2005. 

Kordz prides itself on a high standard of practical and graceful design, along with quality manufacturing and industry education. Its research and development facilities in Australia and Taiwan engineer robust connectivity solutions to maximise installation efficiency and deployment up-time with strict adherence to international standards. This dedication has led to like-minded affiliations that have further enhanced our capabilities, including with Quantum Data, HDMI’s test instrument manufacturer, HDMI Licensing and Authorised Test Centres (ATCs), leading video consultants and high speed digital signalling experts. Kordz knows HDMI.

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